5 Perfect Summer Dresses You Should Buy Today

As the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer this summer, it can sometimes be impossible to pick what to wear. Lucky for you, below are five dresses you can easily throw-on to keep yourself cool in the heat while looking totally chic. Dresses are perfect for the summer weather because they are light, breathable, and stylish. Dresses are also incredibly versatile and can be used to create a plethora of different outfits.

The UO Tahoe Gingham Stretch Mini Dress

Urban Dress

Urban Outfitters

This Urban Outfitters dress is available for $54.00 USD. Its vintage pattern makes this dress a cute and flirty option for a summer day out on the town. It’s also very easy to accessorize with a denim jacket or a pair of funky boots.

The Reformation Lindsay Dress

The Lindsay Dress


Reformation is a sustainable clothing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They have many gorgeous and unique dresses available on their website but the Lindsay Dress is a favorite. The Lindsay Dress ($98.00 USD) has a relaxed and comfortable fit with an edgy comic book pattern that will definitely make you stand out this summer. Add some gold hoops, some cute loafers, a tote bag and you’re ready to go. Everyone will be asking you where you got this statement dress!

The ZARA Floral Print Dress

ZARA Dress


Perfect for a special summer occasion or a date night out, this floral print dress ($49.90 USD) will definitely make you look elegant and sexy. The vibrant red color is both classic and bold for the summer season. Don’t be afraid to pair this dress with a colorful red lip and some gold accessories. If you want to make the look more casual try matching the dress with a pair of sneakers or a leather jacket if it’s a little breezy out.

TOPSHOP Black Twist Slip Dress



This classic black dress ($68.00 USD) is a great summer staple as you can never go wrong with a black dress. The leg slit adds a charming detail to the dress, which can easily be worn to any occasion with simple accessory changes. Especially if you’re going to be doing some traveling over the summer, it’s important to have dresses you can wear with more than one outfit – to save some room in your suitcase for new purchases. So definitely try and find yourself a perfect black dress to utilize this summer, you won’t regret it!

The Free People 100 Degree Mini Dress

Free People

Free People

This beautiful Free People dress ($78.00 USD) is the ultimate beachy, boho look. This look is very flattering and will be sure to catch many compliments. If you’re going away to the beach for the weekend, be sure to pack this staple! It can be worn over a bikini with a fabulous sun hat or dressed-up with statement earrings for a nice dinner. This style is also available in red, a burnt orange, and tan so be sure to check it out in your favorite color. Free People also has many other bohemian inspired dresses available if you’re planning to follow this style over the summer.

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