This ‘America’s Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer Recipient Will Blow You Away

22-year old Kodi Lee was the reason for presenters Gabrielle Union’s and Julianne Hough’s tears on America’s Got Talent performance Tuesday night.

Kodi Lee is a blind and autistic musician from California. According to his website, he is one of the 25 “prodigious savants” in the globe. This signifies there are only this amount of individuals who demand constant medical attention but have outstanding intellectual or artistic abilities. His genius lies in his passion for music. Additionally, it states he has an audio photographic memory, which means he can recall musical compositions after having heard it just once!

This young adult has a YouTube channel in which he has been active since eight years ago. As of now, the number of subscriptions is 11,551. But this amount has been increasing after Lee’s inspirational performance Social Media fueling a revolution on his name.

This tremendous artist has been exposing his talents to the world for a while ago now. Lee sings and plays the piano at various locales in his hometown. He is even an entertainer! Currently, he was invited to play at the distinguished Carnegie Hall in New York City.

This brilliant 22-year-old sings rock, jazz, R & B, pop and recently tap dancing. His official website discloses he also masters in compositions by the greatest melodists ever, like Bach, Chopin, Mozart, etc.. Not to leave aside, the beautiful personification he gave to A Song For You by Leon Russell Tuesday night where he left everyone open-mouthed and got him the Golden Buzzer, taking him straight to the live shows.

It is asserted, Kodi Lee was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and survived a critical surgery at five days old. Soon, he would be diagnosed with autism.

Though Kodi is the inspiration of many because of his perseverance and optimistic-daily attitudes to face every obstacle that goes on his life. He and his family want to bring awareness to patients suffering from this spectrum disorder. Yet, what is to come; a legendary ‘rock start’!.

His web page was updated lately. On the home page, there is a picture of him at the NBC set that captions ” I Just Auditioned for AGT! Tune in to AGT Season 14…you just might see me!”

Check him out at or on his YouTube site:

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