Here Is Why Victoria Beckham Is Not On Spice Girls Tour

25 years after first storming the charts, the Spice Girls still remain the best-selling girl group of all time. And after years of anticipation and speculation, the girls have been back, spicing up the stage with nostalgia in Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

But sadly, only Geri Halliwell, Mel Brown, Mel Chisholm, and Emma Bunton have been performing, missing their most prominent member, mother-of-four, and owner of self-titled fashion line “Victoria Beckham.” There have been many rumors about a rift between the band, that fumed after Scary Spice Mel B’s interview on Piers Morgan interview where she admitted to having sex with band member, Geri and also said that she was “gutted” that Victoria Beckham won’t be joining their reunion.

But in November last year, Victoria Beckham shut down all the rumors with a heartfelt post on Instagram, announcing the Spice Girls’ nostalgic tour, and lamenting that she won’t be able to join them. The caption reads, “I won’t be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year.”

Speaking during an appearance on the podcast “Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner,” Mel C aka Sporty Spice candidly expressed that they have no hard feelings about Victorian Beckham’s decision to not attend the tour. She also revealed that Victoria Beckham was not a big fan of performing, on account of her stage fright.

“I’m sure, Victoria wouldn’t mind me saying, the Olympics was hard for her,” The 45-year-old singer said of the group’s last performance at the 2012 closing ceremony. “You know, she’s moved on, her life has changed, and she just doesn’t have that love of performing, and in fact, it completely petrifies her.”

Work and stage fright then? Sounds pretty legit to me. But here’s the podcast for you to decide for yourself:

Regardless, the now four-membered Spice Girls have been touring the UK, but having a bunch of sound problems in their concert in Manchester, and also in Cardiff. However, Scott Willsallen, an Emmy Award-winning sound designer who has worked on multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games ceremonies, told BBC UK that it was just a loop of negative publicity — “the whole thing is just a made-up story. It’s not real.”


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