How To Pack For Your Summer Vacation: 5 Must-Know Tips

Packing is always something we tend to leave for the last minute. Whether we’re too overwhelmed or simply have no idea what we’ll need for our trips, packing is definitely not the easiest of tasks. This summer, we’ve got a few tips for you that will make your vacation packing more organized, efficient, and maybe even a little fun. Whether you’re heading to Europe or to a quick beach get a way – plan and organize your suitcase well before you’ve got to be out the door! Trust me, it will be so worth it.

1. Outline Your Trip

It’s easier to know what you need for vacation when you think about what you need before you even need it. Before you start packing, make an outline of your trip – including what activities you’ll be doing, restaurants you’ll be going to, and night life you’ll be checking out. This way, you’ll be able to pick pieces from your wardrobe that can be used for multiple occasions while saving room in your luggage. Also, it will insure that you won’t be blindsided and completely forget to pack your favorite dress. Don’t forget pajamas and underwear!

2. Buy The Perfect Toiletry Bag

One of the hardest things to pack is our toiletries. They’re bulky and take up a lot of space in our suitcases. Think about investing in a great toiletry bag that can fit all your beauty essentials. You can find great deals at Target, Sephora, or Amazon. You can also try to buy traveling cosmetic bottles at your local drug store to minimize clutter and avoid packing huge cosmetic bottles.

3. Pack The Basics

Whenever we end up traveling, we sometimes find ourselves wearing the same thing more than once. Instead of shying away from this truth, it’s time to embrace it. When you’re packing for summer plans, make sure you pack your go-to outfits. Whether it’s that staple pair of jeans or that classic black dress, if you know it looks great, put it in your suitcase! You won’t want to spend your lavish vacation time worrying about what you want to wear. So, stick with what you know!

4. Pack Shoes At The Bottom

Shoes are probably the most annoying thing to pack because they take up so much space. Before packing any shoes, make sure you can wear them multiple days so you’re not packing shoes you’re never going to wear. When you do have your shoes picked out for your trip, be sure to pack them at the bottom of your bag to get the perfectly organized suitcase.

5. Organize Before Packing

Before putting anything into your suitcase, lay everything out on the floor or on your bed. This way, you’ll be able to visualize what you need to get into your luggage before trying to squeeze everything in. By seeing everything laid out, you can strategize how you’re going to fit everything in your suitcase logically. Get packing!

We hope these tips will make your packing process a breeze! Enjoy your vacation.