Jordan Fisher Girlfriends 2022: Who Is Jordan Dating Now?

25-year-old singer and actor Jordan Fisher made his television debut in 2009 as a guest star on The Hustler and iCarly. Since then, he’s landed recurring roles on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie. He had a supporting role on the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie in 2013 as well as its 2015 sequel, Teen Beach 2. He’s performed on two of Fox’s live musicals, Grease: Live as Doody, and Rent: Live as Mark Cohen. In 2017, Jordan competed on Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars with Lindsay Arnold as his professional dancing partner and took home the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.

Jordan made his Broadway debut in 2016 in Hamilton as John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton. He was recently cast as John Ambrose McClaren in the Netflix sequel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2. He’s signed with Hollywood Records and released his self-titled debut EP in 2016.

Although not much is known about Jordan Fisher’s dating history, keep reading to find out who he’s currently dating. Updates to come as more details are learned.

Ellie Woods (2017-Present)

The pair met when Jordan was 13 years old and “we were best friends,” the Rent: Live! star said. The two grew up together in Birmingham, Alabama and have remained close since. For Valentine’s Day 2017, he casually revealed his new girl by posting an Instagram photo, writing, “Happy <3 Day” with Ellie commenting “Happy Valentine’s Day baby.” on the post.

When he was competing on Dancing with the Stars two years ago, Ellie showed her support while attending the University of Alabama 2,000 miles away.

After the win,

target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Jordan expressed to PEOPLE how hard it was to not have Ellie with him all the time saying, “I was not as lucky to have mine with me all the time.” He continued, “She’s freaking out right now about 2,000 miles away. She’s buried in books at the moment, but it’s the same thing – being able to have somebody that you love and that loves you and can accept all of the things you have to give them after a long hard day of rehearsal, it’s unbelievable.”

The two have seemly stayed out of the spotlight, except for the occasional posts on Instagram.

Just last week, Jordan proposed to Woods, 20, in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. He posted a video to his Instagram that captured the beautiful moment, which took place at Woods’ parents’ beach house in Birmingham, with friends and family watching. “5/20/19 – I asked my best friend a question…and she said yes. I love you so much, Ellie Woods. Can’t wait to make you my wife MY WIFE,” the actor captioned.

“5/20/19 I said yes to the love of my life!” Ellie captioned the same video to her Instagram page. “Can’t wait to be your wife, Jordan William Fisher. Let’s get married!”

“It was the biggest surprise of my life!” she told PEOPLE about the proposal, which took Jordan two months to plan. “I’m a very hard person to surprise so the fact that he pulled it off, kudos to you babe.”

Jordan chose the beach house because, “It’s a really special place for us,” Ellie told PEOPLE. “And when we started to pull into the neighborhood he was just going on about how we’ve been friends for so long, and I wasn’t really picking up on it. Then we pulled into my parents’ house and I was like, ‘What is that?’ We stopped, got out of the car and Jordan walked me to our backyard where there’s a little deck over the pond.”

Soon the newly engaged couple celebrated with some of their closest friends and families. “Being able to have my folks there, her folks and her brother and his girlfriend…we all go way back,” Jordan said. “It’s so, so special.”

The couple plan to have a year-long engagement as Ellie – who graduates from the University of Alabama this summer – begins working as a clinical nutritionist. “A year gives us plenty of time for us to plan a wedding without it being super stressful. We want it to be fun and full of love and excitement,” Jordan explains.

The two are already excitedly planning for a family-packed future together, despite the big day still being a while away. “His goal in life is to have a family,” Ellie said. “I’m not an actress or in the entertainment industry in any way, so it was really important for me to find a husband that was grounded and had the same goals there were the same as mine. For us to both agree that family as the most important thing that we get out of life was a big sign for me.”

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