Priyanka Chopra Wants To Be First Lady & Prime Minister

The sizzling romance of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been rocking the world for more than a year now—starting almost a year ago with fiery rumors, showing up to New York City biking dates, and then well, an enormous “I shut down Tiffany’s for you” kind of engagement ring, and a wedding with a 70 feet veil (which became the world’s largest veil) and every inch of extraterritorial grandiose one could find in Hollywood and Bollywood.

But before going on their honeymoon, the busy lady from Case del Chopra & Jonas branched out of the entertainment industry and entered the world of investments, not quite emulating Wall Street bankers, but instead promoting women’s rights with the spice of dating life. She became the adviser for the dating app Bumble, which allows women to message “matches” first. In December 2018, she took Bumble on a passage to India.

And Nick Jonas? He’s been busy being a sucker for his wife, and well his brothers too, reuniting the Jonas Brothers after breaking them up a decade back. On March 16, their comeback single “Sucker” hit No.1 on Billboard 100, making it the pop-rock band’s first-ever first place on the list.

The youngest (famous) Jonas has also been busy being a voice-over in the computer-animated musical comedy called UglyDolls, opposite music giants like Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, to name a few.

But it sounds like the Jonai isn’t settling for this scale or side of news headlines. Although they’ve been sort of apolitical, it’s hard to miss that the couple is driven, ambitious, and chasing constructive change. Priyanka Chopra has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and Nick Jonas seems to admire and appreciate his wife’s activism for change.

Then recently, in an interview with The Sunday Times, highlighted big, big possibilities that could be awaiting the Jonas family. Starting with a disclaimer, that she doesn’t like “things associated with politics,” Priyanka rerouted to their common aspirations to make the world a better place, and finally ended on a great crescendo: “I would love to run for prime minister of India. I would love Nick to run for president.”

Well, Priyanka might’ve missed the chance, for now, as Indian elections just ended. But I’m sure she’s not too bummed out about it— she has been on good terms with the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who was also invited to one of her 10000wedding receptions.

But 2020 elections are still upcoming, and well according to Priyanka, Nick would be a good choice, because “he’s not afraid to use the word (feminist) and I love that.”

So, 10 points for House Jonas, soon to become #Jonas2020?

Probably not, but hey “never say never,” says Lady of the Jonai.

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