SZA’s Sephora Experience Causes One-Day Company Shut-Down

If you were planning on having some retail therapy at Sephora this Wednesday, you’re going to have to push it off for a day. Or — maybe just go to Ulta? The beauty company will be shutting down all of its U.S. locations for one day on Wednesday, June 5 because of R&B singer SZA’s awful shopping experience at one of their locations.

Sephora makeup store


SZA is best known for her positive aura and incredible vocal talent on songs like All The Stars. However, her experience at one Sephora store was anything but positive. SZA accused one Sephora location of racial profiling, causing the company to shut all of its doors for one day so that each and every location can attend diversity training.

The alleged encounter happened back in April, but Sephora has just announced their plan to put every location through this diversity training, in addition to introducing a new campaign called the “We Belong to Something Beautiful Campaign”. The campaign will focus on inclusion regarding both its staff and customers. Sephora released a statement saying, “[we] will never stop building a community where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all are welcomed, and you are included.”

According to the singer, security was called on her back in April because Sephora staff thought she was stealing from the store. SZA tweeted about the situation saying, “Lmao Sandy Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing. We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy.”

Sephora made a quick attempt to damage-control the situation, responding to SZA saying, “Hi, SZA. We’re sorry to hear about your experience at our Calabasas store and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We want to let you know we take complaints like this very seriously and are actively working with our teams to address the situation immediately.”

Another person to respond to the situation was none other than Rihanna. Why you ask? Well, SZA stated that when this whole situation went down, she was actually shopping for Fenty, Rihanna’s beauty brand. When Rihanna learned about the situation, she sent SZA a Fenty gift card with a hand-written note that read, “Go buy yo Fenty Beauty in peace sis. One love — Rihanna”. Some advice for Sephora — do not get on Rihanna’s bad side.

This isn’t the first time a company has shut down for a day due to racial profiling allegations. Back in April of last year, two African-American men accused a Philadelphia Starbucks of profiling. The coffee company responded by closing 8,000 U.S. locations for a day to put their employees through a similar diversity training program.

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