Top 5 Useful Summer Fashion Tips You Need To Know

It’s not official yet but, if you’re in the South, like me or in the DMV area, you know this heat is real. You might as well say it’s summertime! And since it’s getting hot out, we wanted to give you a couple fashion tips to keep cool and look cool for the summer.

Eat natural fibers.

What are natural fibers, you ask? Natural fibers are foods you can eat that’ll help boost your immune system when it comes to being in this humid heat. And you can find in them your local grocery store or foods market. Natural fibers consist of fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangoes, and strawberries. Just a couple slices of an apple or an orange will help keep your body temperature down while you may be having a little fun in the sun.

White sneakers.

White sneakers go with everything! Unless you’re attending a polo match or a gala. Then no! Dress appropriately. But white sneakers to the mall or hanging out with your friends are definitely in for the summer season. I personally believe white or black sneakers go with any casual outfit. But if you’re feeling different, by all means, go for it.

Show your shoulders.

You read that last line right. Show your shoulders off! It’s warm out and what better way to welcome the season than showing a little skin? Even if it is just your shoulders. If you’re trying to get a nice little tan over your upper body, this is the perfect way to start. Those off the shoulder dresses and tops will look really cute, especially if you match it with jewelry. Or you can go plain jane. It’s your world.

Try new hues.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this summer. Have some fun! Especially with different colors. Whether it pertains to your wardrobe, your full set or your hair! Try something new and fresh and different! The colors that are a must try for the summer are Fiesta, which is a mix of red and orange, Living Coral (a bright pink), Jester Red (a deep red, almost a wine color) and Aspen Gold.

Welcome loose, flowy clothes.

Wearing loose, flowy fitting clothes will also help keep your body temperature down in this heat. If you must wear pants, try wide-leg pants instead of skinny jeans. If you want to wear a dress, choose maxi dresses that are full length vs. the form-fitting dresses. Also, tunics are an option to wear as a shirt or shirtdress, if it’s long enough to cover your legs.

Remember, it’s about to get hot outside so, make sure you’re comfortable, drink water and eat those natural fibers to keep cool.