Top 5 Must-Try Beauty Tips For The Summer

Summer is finally here! And with that, it’s time to adjust our beauty preferences. With the coming of summer, we have to consider how the season will affect our beauty concerns – our skin is more likely to burn and sweat. So here are a few beauty tips to consider over the summer months that work to help you through the heat. Good luck!

Try Non-comedogenic Products.

Non-comedogenic products are made for acne-prone skin and work to prevent the clogging of pores. Especially since the summer includes sweating, our pores are extra sensitive to irritation and blemishes (which only get worse with the combination of sweat). Trying non-comedogenic products this summer can help reduce your acne while still treating your skin. There are many options out there (do a little research and find products within your price point) but here is a suggested moisturizer from the skin-care brand Origins. This moisturizer works to both hydrate your skin as well as minimize pours.

Stay Moisturized.

Staying moisturized is a very important beauty essential for the summer. Especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the sun, moisturizer is a great tool for keeping your skin hydrated against the heat. Even though the cold winter air isn’t drying you out like the sun does, it’s still important to remain moisturized to insure your skin is healthy and happy.

Go Waterproof.

Mascara can be tricky over the summer because when we sweat, it’s only natural our mascara will run with that extra moisture. Trying waterproof mascara is a great way to keep a clean and natural look this summer. Fortunately, there are many options out there for waterproof mascara – you can go to your local drugstore to test out a few options or invest in a higher end product at a make-up store. Either way, it’s definitely a product worth trying as it won’t smudge as much as regular mascara. Especially if you’re going to the beach or pool, waterproof mascara is the way to go!

Pick a Stain.

Since summer make-up styles tend to be more focused on natural beauty looks, lip stains are a great alternative for lip-stick and lip-gloss. Lip stains are amazing because they feel light on your lips while keeping them moisturized for the summer heat. Milk Makeup has a great (and affordable) oil based lip stain that will give your lips that extra pop of color in the sun that lasts all day. It adds a great pink color to your lips that would look great with some blush. Check it out here!

Get Colorful.

The summer is a great time to experiment with different colors. Don’t be afraid to try a fun shade of eye-shadow (blue or pink) or a coral lipstick. If you’re going for a more natural, dewey look (that still makes a statement) be sure to check out Glossier’s Play collection. Their products are known to emphasize our natural beauty but this specific collection focuses more on color and glam!