‘Kylie Skin’: Real Reviews From Celebrities & Professionals

Kylie Skin (like everything Kylie Jenner ever comes out with) quickly sold out when it dropped on MAy 22. In honor of the first restock of Kylie Skin, happening June 5 12 P.M. E.S.T., we collected reviews from celebrities, skincare professionals and regular people like us to help you decide if you want to join in on the Kylie Skin craze or not.

What Kylie Skin Includes:

full Kylie Skin line


If you’re looking to grab the entire Kylie Skin line, it comes in a full set that includes six uniquely developed products that  :

Foaming Face WashContains kiwi seed oil plus Vitamins C and E to maintain moisture and improve elasticity
Walnut Face Scrub
Contains fine walnut powder and a cocktail of fruit extracts to gently buff away dead skin cells
Vanilla Milk Toner
Contains avocado, kiwi seed, apricot, and jojoba seed oils to unclog and purify pores, plus it’s alcohol-free
Vitamin C Serum
Contains pure Vitamin C to brighten skin and work as an anti-inflammatory
Face Moisturizer
Contains oat, banana leaf, and orange peel extracts paired with shea butter to perfectly moisturize and soothe without leaving skin oily
Eye Cream
Contains a blend of caffeine, green tea, Vitamin E and pomegranate to wake-up tired undereyes while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Celebrity Testimonials:


Beauty vlogger “@cohlsworld” released a 10-minute “UNBIASED REVIEW” of him trying out the whole Kylie Skin line. Cohl tells his audience that he has super-sensitive skin that can easily be irritated, which is what a few of Kylie’s products did. Both the Foaming Face Wash and Eye Cream began to burn Cohl’s sensitive skin. However, besides those two products, Cohl loved the rest of the line, saying it left his skin smooth and glowing.


Jeffree Star is known to have no mercy when reviewing products, and this was no different. Both he and his friend Shane Dawson tore apart the skincare line, in their 30-minute video review, ultimately deciding that the line is just straight-up “basic”. Jeffree even went as far as saying Kylie stole the design for her Eye Cream from another luxury eye cream, and that he would use her makeup wipes to clean up his dog’s — you get where we’re going here. Shane, a newbie to the skincare world, also complained multiple times that the products were burning his sensitive skin and immediately took them off.

Kylie Jenner posted a text conversation on her Instagram story between her and beauty blogger, James Charles. In the text, James says to Kylie “ok dude kylie skin is working rly well for me lol .. when I got back from Australia my skin as beyond awful but I’ve been using it every day and it’s cleared up so much”. Some people may think that this conversation was posed, but it’s up to you to make your own judgment call.

Real-People Reviews:


Beauty vlogger Audrey Victoria tried out the entire Kylie Skin line, and she loved it! Contrary to what others have said, Audrey also claims to have sensitive skin but showed no signs of irritation when using the Kylie Skin products. She concluded her skin felt amazing after going through the skincare line and raved about most of the products. The only negatives she mentioned were that the makeup wipes are somewhat dry and basic and the walnut scrub was a bit too harsh.

Professional Reviews:


Although Dr. Dray has never used Kylie Skin products, she extensively goes through the ingredient list and gives her professional opinion. And her professional opinion is — stay away! First and foremost, she claims the skincare line is missing what she believes is the most important part of skincare: SPF. She also claims that the skincare line has ingredients in it that are known to irritate skin, including fragrance which is supposed to be a giant no-no in skincare. Like Jeffree and Shane, Dr. Dray essentially thinks Kylie Skin is basic — comparing it to products with essentially the same ingredients that are half the price but double the size.


Esthetician Reese Isabella agrees that Kylie Skin is missing one key component: SPF. She also agrees that Kylie probably should have stayed away from adding fragrance in her products. But unlike Dr. Dray, Reese actually tried out the entire skincare line, and she said it actually made her skin feel good! Besides being a little hesitant about the Walnut Face Scrub because of walnut’s known abrasiveness, Reese had little negativity towards the products, and said she’ll be using them for 30 full days and posting a follow-up on how they’ve affected her skin. We can’t wait for that!


One thing that we can definitely take away from all of the reviews is to use caution with Kylie Skin if you know you have sensitive skin along with making sure to stop using it if it causes any irritation. Also, you must add SPF into your skincare routine since Kylie Skin does not include any. Lastly, it might be a good idea to nix using the Walnut Scrub, considering its mixed reviews about whether or not walnut shells are way too abrasive to use on your skin.

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