The 5 Vintage Fashion Trends You Should Try This Summer

Vintage inspired fashion has been on the forefront within the past few seasons. It’s true, some things just never go out of style! If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration or new (but old) trends to try out keep reading below. You’ll be sure to find something to experiment with this summer!

1. Vintage Denim


Skinny jeans have been pushed aside and high-waisted vintage inspired jeans have arrived back in style! Not only have high waisted jeans come back to the forefront of fashion, but skirts, shorts, and swimsuits have all started to favor the high waisted look. You can pair high waisted jeans with a cute crop top to give it even more of a vintage twist or a cool band Tee. Most retail stores now carry high waisted jeans so you’ll easily be able to find your perfect pair.

2. Florals

Floral Dress


When you think of vintage florals, think ’90s soft grunge. Flowy dresses with tiny little flowers and pretty patterns have reinvented themselves this summer season and are now a fashion staple. If you’re looking to invest in a beautiful summer dress, Reformation has great floral dresses that are vintage inspired. Their designs are perfect for vacation this summer or any special occasion. Above is the Lacey Dress which is a perfect example of vintage inspired floral. Be sure to try out this look, you won’t regret it!

3. Tie-Dye


It’s official: Tie-Dye is back. The ’60s hippie fashion staple has been rediscovered this summer season. The most classic tie-dye piece is the traditional T-shirt (which if you don’t want to buy you can make yourself one at home) but designers have been working on skirts, pants, and dresses that are also tie-dye inspired. Tie-dye is a great summer look because it’s both colorful and playful. If you’re going with the classic tie-dye tee be sure to pair it with some denim and gold jewelry to complete the look. You can try out this vintage inspired trend anywhere – either at the beach or at a casual brunch. You’ll definitely get some compliments.

4. Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels

Steve Madden

This ’70s and ’80s inspired heel has definitely made a come back. Chunky heels look great with pretty much any look and not to mention, the added platform makes them more comfortable to wear. They can add an extra element to a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit or look great with any dress – they truly are versatile. The Steve Madden NESSA chunky heel is absolutely perfect for the summer season. They come in black, rust, and taupe which gives you a variety of options to choose from. Fortunately, there are many other options available in stores and online!

5. Slip Dresses


Slip silk dresses are back in style. Think Carrie Bradshaw and the chic ’90s. Slip dresses are perfect for cocktail parties or formal events. They make you look effortlessly glamorous and fashion forward. You can try a full length option or even a shorter cut. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads. The silk material fits your body beautifully and is great for the summer heat.

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