Jay Alvarrez’s Girlfriends 2022: Who is Jay Dating Now?

Successful social media influencer Jay Alvarrez is most widely known for his unique videography encompassing luxurious travel destinations and individualistic style. Jay Alvarrez has large followings on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, and has the largest following on Instagram with a consistent 6.2 million users. At the current age of only 23, Jay was born in Oahu, Hawaii on June 5, 1995. Jay hasn’t been enrolled in school since the age of 13 and left home at age 15. He has since lived in areas such as Los Angeles and currently abides in Hawaiian home when not exploring. In 2011, Jay’s mother passed away from cancer. According to a video on Jay’s YouTube channel, the passing was further motivation for the success of the life he had dreamed of and the production of his art. As an active traveler Jay’s interests also include surfing and skydiving. In addition to photography and videography, Jay has done several modeling partnerships with companies such as Bond swimwear, Calvin Klein, Express, and Ralph Lauren. His current net worth is estimated to be around $2 million and has recently produced music with famous artist Kygo which has centered his recent and consistent travels to Ibiza.

Chaser Miller 2014


After dropping out of school with another girl in Hawaii and further pursuing his career, Jay’s first public relationship was with current model Chaser Miller. Along with maintaining a substantial Instagram following, Chaser is most known for her modeling career with the brand Brandy Melville. Being from the same island of Oahu, Chaser and Jay briefly dated amongst the swirl and start of their careers.

Alexis Ren 2014-2016


Part of Jay’s success and current follower count is partially a result from his previous and very public relationship with model and influencer, Alexis Ren. Following the passing of her mother along with Jay’s, the two bonded over the sadness and frustration associated with the grief. Aside, the two flourished on social media for two years as the ideal “couple goals.” The split remained a quiet secret briefly until the alleged slams from Alexis regarding Jay’s physique. While there are still unknown details regarding the split other than a mutual desire for self growth and exploration, both gained substantial following as a pair and no sides were seemingly taken on either side by the public. Alexis has since gone on to win second place in Dancing with the Stars along with furthering her career as a model.

Valentina Fradegrada 2019


After breakup with Alexis, Jay featured many females on his social media platforms which sent followers wondering who his next girlfriend would be. Rumors of association with Tana Mongeau floated for a time, but in recent news Jay has made his relationship with fashion blogger Valentina Fradegrada public via Instagram. Valentina doesn’t only follow Jay’s model history for relationships but is an Italian fashion and lifestyle blogger as well. Valentina was born in an area close to Milan and is one of the first Italians to have a popular blog centered around topics of fashion and lifestyle. The couple has already stirred up quite the controversy after posting a naked selfie which followers have since called the caption and post “disgusting and degrading.” However, the two seem unfazed and content amidst their travels.

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