LISTEN: Jonas Brothers, New Album ‘Happiness Begins’ Stream & Download

It feels like FOREVER since the Jonas Brother’s released an album. This marks the band’s fifth studio album and first in 10 years, following 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times. The Jonas Brothers were a pop-rock, Disney boyband when they hit the music scene in 2005. Recently reflected on to Harper’s Bazaar, they split into rather bad terms in 2013.

Nick Jonas broke up the band for a while so each of the boys can concentrate on their solo careers. Nick had many hit singles that dropped, Joe joined a group called, DNCE, and Kevin settled down with his wife Danielle Jonas, and is loving being a father to his two daughters, Valentina and Alena.

The Jonas Brother’s announced on February 28th on Instagram that they were releasing a new single called, “Sucker” and ever since they have been writing new songs for their album that dropped today! Fans were “burnin up” when they heard that the boys were reuniting. As soon as the clock struck midnight, their fifth studio album Happiness Begins dropped. All the JoBro fans are going crazy because the wait was all worth it!

The boys are back and better than ever. Fans were ecstatic finding out that their favorite boyband was coming back with a new and “cool” album. Although the entirety of Happiness Begins was not released until today, the album’s two leading singles, “Sucker” and it’s follow-up “Cool” were made available earlier in March.

The Jonas Brother’s said that this is their most personal album yet. Now that all the JoBro’s are off the market, most of the songs on the album are love songs for their wives. Sorry ladies! On this album, the Jonas Brothers have recaptured the magic that made fans fall in love with them in the first place. They did not disappoint us this, that’s a guarantee. How can you not love all the JoBro’s?

Joe Jonas could not contain his excitement for the album release on Twitter as soon as midnight hit.

Today also includes the release day for their documentary Chasing Happiness which is now available on Amazon Prime capturing the story brothers’ reunion and meaning of their latest album.

Chasing Happiness starts with the three bros reuniting and remarking upon how long it’s been since the three of them spent quality time alone together. At different points in the film, they say that it had been six or seven years.

As much as they hurt each other’s feelings to varying degrees, they each acknowledge that their time apart helped them become more confident individuals. Now, they can approach making music together as something they’re doing because they are passionate about it and it’s about time for a Jonas Brothers reunion. Nick expresses that he wants to “enjoy every moment” this time around.

Stream Happiness Begins on Spotify

You can stream the album via Spotify. Stream Happiness Begins on Spotify or listen to the entire album below.

Listen to Happiness Begins on Apple Music

You can listen to the album via iTunes. Look below to stream songs from the Jonas Brother’s new album.

Happiness Begins Tracklist

  1. Sucker
  2. Cool
  3. Only Human
  4. I Believe
  5. Used to Be
  6. Every Single Time
  7. Don’t Throw it Away
  8. Love Her
  9. Happy When I’m Sad
  10. Trust
  11. Strangers
  12. Hesitate
  13. Rollercoaster
  14. Comeback
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