Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts For Dads That Love Sports

Father’s Day is slowly approaching. We know you all have some fathers who probably have “everything in the world,” as they would say. Then again, you may have a father who’s a sports fan. Whether your old man is a football fanatic or a basketball love, we’re giving you the top 5 gifts to give your dad if he’s a sports lover.

Custom Made Baseball With Pictures

A baseball.


For the dads who are baseball lovers, you’ll want to get him something like this. Your dad is probably one of those guys that’s still holding on to his baseball mitt from when he was a kid. Why not gift him a custom made baseball with either an image of you (his favorite child) or you and him? Either way, I’m sure he’d love to play catch with you, his old mitt and his new baseball. You can find this gift at Zazzle.

Biker Shorts

Black biker shorts for dad.


So, your old man loves to hop in the saddle on the weekends, huh? He likes to take a spin around the neighborhood in his spare time or on the weekends when he’s not that busy. Then, you’ll want to gift him something comfortable and maybe a little stylish, if that’s his thing. A pair of biker shorts would be the perfect gift for the cyclist dad. Make sure to find out his size before purchasing. You don’t want them to be too tight or loose. You can find your dad a fashionable, affordable pair of biker shorts at Lightinabox.

Cyclist Sunglasses

A biker wearing the perfect cyclist shades to shield his eyes, while riding.


Did you know that the same shades you see cyclists wearing can also be useful for the dads who like to run and compete in triathlons? Yes. So, if you have a dad who’s into staying fit, this is the gift that not only he’ll be happy you gave him but, he’ll be thankful for, as well. We can’t have dad out here riding with the dirt and flies getting in his eyes. Purchase your old man some of these cool shades at Linder Clothing.

Beer Bottle Opener

A beer bottle opener.


If your dad is a football lover, this is for you. You know, the dad that purchases season tickets every year to his dedicated team. The dad that if he can’t afford to go to the game, he’d rather kick back in the living room with his feet up and have his six-pack sitting right next to him. You’ll want to gift him a bottle opener. Sure, your old man already is an expert at popping open a beer bottle without needing a bottle opener. But if you show him how to use it or even if he knows how to use it, he’ll be delighted to receive this gift. If you want to get it personalized, you can follow this link to Zazzle.

Customized Basketball With Name

Spalding basketball ball.


For the dads who can’t get enough of basketball, especially with the NBA Finals going on, this would be a gift that he can appreciate, as well. Your dad probably still likes to get out on the basketball court and try to show the younger kids a thing or two. You’ll want to gift him this so; he can show out a little bit better. And who do you know has a customized basketball with their name on it? LeBron doesn’t count. Find your dad his own B-ball at Zazzle.

If you are lucky enough to have already found a present for your father, check out the website, where you can find interesting information on how Father’s Day is celebrated around the world in the Blogs section.

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