Top 10 Fool-Proof Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Do you ever try your hardest to find a unique Father’s Day gift you think dad’s gonna love, just to see it still sitting in the box in August? Although it’s always nice to get dad an extraordinary gift that he’s not expecting, sometimes the best thing to do is to just get them something you know they need and they’ll use. Check out these 10 fool-proof Father’s Day gifts that dad is sure to get good use out of.

#1 – Cologne

This one is seriously a no-brainer!!! Men go through cologne like it’s water, so this is a gift that would be much appreciated by dad (and it would be used every single day) Sneak into his bathroom and check out which cologne he uses — the perfect gift!

#2 – Car Wash Kit

Tell me why men’s rooms are always a disaster but their cars are impeccable. Seriously, all men treat their cars like their babies, so dad is sure to get use out of this complete car wash kit that’ll cover both the outside and inside of his precious baby.

#3 – Dollar Shave Club

You know how women have those monthly beauty subscriptions like Birchbox and Ipsy? Now men can finally have something like that for themselves! Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription that sends shaving, shower, and oral care supplies right to your doorstep — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

#4 – Seasoning Kit

Every dad loves to grill, so this 5-piece seasoning kit is the perfect gift. This Tasty seasoning kit includes Fiery, Zesty, Hearty, Jazzy, and Savory seasonings, and if there’s anyone to trust with how to flavor your food, it’s Tasty. Dad will be sure to love being able to change up his flavors when grilling up a delicious dinner.

#5 – Wallet

Is it just me or do men go through wallets like nobody’s business? I swear they get a new one twice a year. This leather wallet is a best-seller on Amazon because it’s the perfect balance of being able to hold enough, but not being too bulky where dad is gonna claim it’s impossible to fit in his pocket. If you’re lucky you won’t have to buy him a new one until Christmas!

#6 – Cornhole

Ahh, cornhole — the Olympic sport of dads. Dad is sure to whip this out for every single occasion. Backyard barbeque? Cornhole. Football tailgate? Cornhole. Random Saturday when he’s literally the only one home? Cornhole. With his own set, he’ll be headed for the gold in no time.

#7 – Tableside Caddy

“Where’s the remote?” “Where’re my glasses?” “Where’s my phone?” Look no further! With this convenient table-side caddy, dad can store everything he needs right beside him as he’s watching TV so that you’re not constantly being forced to get up and go find what he’s missing. (just for him to realize he’s sitting on it five minutes later)

#8 – Duffle Bag

I feel like all dads use a random gym bag from 2005 when they need to actually pack stuff up. Upgrade dad by getting him this stylish Under Armour duffel bag that he can use when traveling, going to the gym, or commuting to the office. This bag is big enough to carry all that he needs while still being small enough to where it won’t break his back.

#9 – No-Show Socks

Men. Need. No. Show. Socks. They may think they don’t, but they do. The amount of dads that wear high-top socks with low-top shoes or even worse — no socks — is simply way too many. Trust me, these no-show socks will change dad’s life as he can finally look stylish without clearing out a room with his sweaty no-sock feet smell.

#10 – Sunglasses

Dads are constantly losing or breaking their sunglasses, so they can always use another pair! These sunglasses are an Amazon best-seller, as they have polarized lens and are super comfortable. They’re perfect for going to a baseball game, doing yard work, or just hanging outside.