Joe Keery Girlfriend 2022: Who is Joe Dating Now?

Rising actor Joe Keery is best known for two things: his hair, and playing Steve on Stranger Things. Originally playing a stereotypical high school jerk character, he has since become one of the series’ most well-loved leads. With the show set to return with a third season on July 4th, fans are eager to see more of him.

The star has had a long history in the acting industry. Born and raised in Newburyport, Massachusetts, he regularly attended performing arts camp Theater in the Open. After much encouragement from his family, Keery pursued his passion from acting. He studied at The Theatre School at Chicago’s De Paul University, graduating in 2014.

Don’t think acting is all there is to him, though- alongside a successful stint in TV and film, Joe plays guitar for the garage and psycho-rock band, Post Animal. Though the band came out with a debut album in 2015, as of 2019, Keery does not actively tour with them.

Now, a lot can be said of his career, but what about the man himself? The actor has kept a fairly low profile since the beginning of his career, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about his love life.

While not much is known about Joe Keery’s dating history, keep reading to find out who he’s currently dating. Updates will come as more information is found.

Maika Monroe (2017 – present)


The actor made headlines when he attended the Stranger Things season two premiere with Maika Monroe. Though their relationship was only confirmed that October of 2017, the two had admitted that they had been dating since May of that year.

The two have never posted a photo of the other on their respective Instagram accounts, making it clear that they want their romance out of the spotlight. However, this hasn’t discouraged them from letting the media know that they’re together. The two regularly go on dates and have no problem with public displays of affection.

Monroe has lived quite the life. In addition to having an acting career of her own, she is also a professional kiteboarder.

In a 2016 interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the star had expressed that kiteboarding helped her a lot while starting out in the acting industry. She said, “It taught me determination, working hard for something. There’s lots of discipline. I enjoy roles that are quite physical. That was really fun with Independence Day, being a fighter pilot, kicking some ass.”

While she has since taken time off from athletics to focus on her acting, she has told ESPN that she hopes to balance the two in the coming future.

Contrary to what can be said of her boyfriend, the actress has had quite dating rumors with fellow actors. The star immediately gained the media’s attention when fans began speculating she was dating At Any Price co-star Zac Efron.

Monroe has had been tied to several male celebrities since then. The most notable of these would be her short-lived relationship with Liam Hemsworth back with 2015. Clearly, the two’s separation worked out for both of them in the end, both currently in loving relationships with their respective significant others.

Keery has been very private about his romantic life, so Monroe is the only girl he’s been linked to for now. Still, the two make a very stunning couple.

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