Four TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

While we have limited down time in college, we still manage to carve out a few hours to watch our favorite TV shows. We all have that one show we simply cannot miss, no matter how many hours of homework or studying we have lined up for the rest of the night.

The show has become so routinely ingrained in your routine that you schedule all of your activities around it. If the network ever announces that it will not be renewed, your weeks would be completely thrown off.

But the disappointment of a show you love being taken off the air is one we all know all too well. Sometimes networks combat this disappointment by later reviving it. A recent study by AAG analyzing the top TV reboots found that the average series goes off-air for over 17 years before being revived. In almost two decades, something about the original series is bound to have changed – whether it’s the cast, set or environment.

While the effort of a revival is appreciated, they are simply never the same as the original. Though all good things must come to an end, these are the television shows that we think ended too soon…

‘One Tree Hill’

Admittedly, the final season without two starring actors Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton was not nearly as good as the rest of the series. However, One Tree Hill as a whole was one of the best series to ever grace our TV screens. The stories of high school drama, daily family struggles, and twisted romance are ones that are painfully relatable – and who doesn’t love to live their lives vicariously through fictional characters? Even though fans got nine seasons out of this program, since it wrapped in 2012, we still have so many burning questions that need answers.


This series with a much smaller fanbase lasted only one season on ABC Family, even though it had so much potential! Starring the multi-talented Sutton Foster – known for her performances on both Broadway and Hollywood – this series was the light-hearted, uplifting entertainment we all needed in our weeks. Plus, it never got a true conclusion because of the quick cancellation.


This 2006 CBS television drama had a large following, even though it only lasted for two seasons. The network made the move to cut it after the first season, but added one additional season in response to large-scale fan protests. This thrilling apocalyptic plot introduced several stories of action and romance that need some more resolution.

‘Freaks and Geeks’

This classic American comedy series had a cast iconic enough to carry itself – James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, Busy Phillips and Linda Cardellini. Even still, this show didn’t survive a whole season. NBC originally only aired 12 of the 18 filmed episodes, though fans persuaded the network to later release the remaining footage. Still, this series had great potential and was loved by viewers, even more so after being released on Netflix.

Even though we would love to see more of these television shows, we recognize that they thrived in their original format. If brought back, they would need to meet the original standards of high quality content. While we don’t necessarily want spin-offs or revivals, we wish we could go back in time for more seasons of these classic series.

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