Top 10 TV Couples Who Should NOT Have Ended Up Together

So, we all love rewatching the romantic moments shared between our favorite tv couples––Monica and Chandler, Lily and Marshall, Lorelai and Luke, and especially the heartbreaking endings where they didn’t end up together. But we rarely talk about the messy couples who were incompatible, dysfunctional yet ended up in each other’s arms when the final curtains closed.

Here’s a brief take on couples who should not have ended up together –—

1. Rachel and Ross (Friends)

Ok, I know, I know, we all love Rachel and Ross. It was a great ending, it was legen–—wait for it––dary. But we can all agree that they are probably on a break in the parallel universe right now. Despite the super crowd-pleaser finale, Ross Geller and Rachel Green were volatile, complicated, and yes, toxic. It’s not that I ship Joey and Rachel or Ross and one of Rachel’s sisters, but that they were probably better off as friends, who “co-parent” kind of like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, you know what I mean?

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2. Elena and Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Another crowd-pleaser. I can’t help but feel fans’ fascination with the raunchy chemistry between these Nina Dobrev and Ian Sommerhalder, who also happened to be coupled in real-life, was one reason behind this strange turn and separation of the novel and the series. While they didn’t get their happy ending on planet earth, Damon and Elena’s strange love affair took the center stage of the show, even when it was originally about the other Salvatore brother, Stefan, and Elena Gilbert, the doppelganger of their shared love, Katherine. In the earlier seasons, Elena the moral character chronically chose Stefan over Damon, but somehow fell all opposites attract, head over heels for Damon, the weirdest relationship based on fear and sexual tension.

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3. Carrie and Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

Not cute, not fun, not friends, and just really painful and dizzying to watch 6 seasons of this mess. After cheating on Aidan, and then Mr. Big, cheating on his wife, and that iconic “McDonald’s” throwing scene when Mr. Big was going to take off to Paris was where this relationship should’ve ended. And then in the sequel of the series encapsulated in very mediocre movies, where the couple was apparently “on” for ten years, Mr. Big is indecisive and unsure about his wedding, because he has been married 3 times. Ok. Then, Carrie cheats on him with Aidan in Sex and the City 2.

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4. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)

Bets. Manipulative Games. Yes, they were both snobby and somewhat the perfectly imperfect two individuals from the Upper East Side, but together they were incompatible, back and forth, and with loads of I can’t say “I love you” even if not saying it should have been fine given that their mutual connection rested on a distaste for affection and their villainous pride. And after all that inter-dating, and drama, ending up together and having a kid and being all nice to each other? Meh. If I were to be convinced with them actually ending up married, the ending should’ve at least shown them snarking at each other despite having a kid.

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5. Ezra and Aria (Pretty Little Liars)

And then in Rosewood, Ezra and Aria get married, the most controversial tv couple, who no one was even rooting for. (Spencer and Toby was the real deal) Ezra was pure toxic for Aria, and one of the main reasons why her great publishing career was not taking off in full swing. (I know it’s a show, and she’s not supposed to live peacefully, but I’m saying he was just always a problem and it got annoying) I cried some sad tears when I watched them shed those assiduous happy tears at their wedding.

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6. Ted and Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

They spent 9 seasons building up Robin and Barney and telling (or not telling) us who the mom is. Then Tracy comes like a little sunshine who fits perfectly into the puzzle piece aka the romantic Ted, and they get married in the most realistic way ever, ironically picking out a random day when they’re both free. And Robin and Barney, the eternal laser tag couple. But umm wait, not just all that, they tell us for ALL these seasons that Ted and Robin don’t go well together. I personally didn’t like Robin and Barney and actually did like Ted and Robin (unpopular opinion, I know), because when you contrast Barney’s “the overblown playbook burning session, the super over the top stunt only to propose to Robin” with Ted’s “the French Blue Horn” ––the latter is what seems like something a girl like Robin would like. But no, the show forces us to believe Robin and Barney belong together, then kills off Ted’s wife, and oops––Ted to Robin’s building’s front door.

I’m still confused with how all that happened so damn fast.

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7. Jamie and Cersei (Game of Thrones)

RIP. They ended up together, somewhere under bricks and somewhere most probably in Hell (although if there were layers of it, Cersei might be in the upper levels for killing everyone on the show all the time). Well, these two incestuous twins came together and died in each other’s arms, and their romance has been the central plot of the show so in a weird way it was fitting. But it kinda wasn’t because Jamie actually left her to go fight in the North, risking his life, she did want Jamie dead (ordered Bronn to kill both brothers), told Euron Greyjoy (seriously?) that Jamie’s kid was actually his. Jamie finds love with Brienne of Tarth, looking back at which feels like it was only a crowd-pleaser, and in a split second, after Jamie hears that Cersei defeated one of Dany’s dragon’s he goes running back to her? Oh, because she has a chance to win the war now so he finds his love back? What? Anyone else?

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8. Jackie and Fez (The 70s Show) 

Just no. Kissing atop the water tower in the finale episode should’ve been Jackie and Hyde, the treat to watch and the best rendition of “opposites attract” on television. Fez and literally any other girl he dated in Season 8 would’ve been better than this one, just his confidence and desperation made him the most comedic and unconventional “ladies’ man” of any friend group on tv, ever.

Here, I’ll save you the pain of watching Jackie and Fez. Here’s a video of Jackie and the dude she should’ve ended up with.

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9. Dwight and Angela (The Office)

No. That racy affair, and yeah they’re both odd, but just no. The two characters had their own great story arcs, so I don’t understand why they needed to end their racy affair with a wedding. That’s just not the kind of show The Office was supposed to be in the first place. Two of the weirdest things that bothered me about them in the series was: Dwight’s sudden interest in Esher when he clearly had feelings for Angela, and earlier in season 3, quitting his job to keep his relationship with Angela a secret. The worst thing though was Dwight’s strangest stunt of putting Sprinkles in the freezer, and then Angela, who loved her cat, just like any mommy would, and even broke up with him, still ended up dating him again in the series.

The baby contract thing is how it should have ended.

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10. Randall and Beth (This is Us) 

I swear to God when the finale of Season 3 revealed when I saw that ring time traveled, elderly Beth’s fingers, I was just so disappointed, especially after they explicitly portrayed that Beth said yes to marrying Randall from some sort of pressure, (conversation with Rebecca) and the timing is the evening of the same day she rejected him earlier. And since the beginning of Season 3, Beth has been making one sacrifice after another for Randall, who by the way, does not listen to her like ever and still continues the election, and then insults Beth when she is on her way to still ditch her own work dinner and attend one for his. He finally gets a wake-up call and tries to cop-out after winning (lol, talk about rash, childish decisions) but we see that Beth, once again, finds the solution, sacrificing her current job to go open a new dancing studio in Philly, where it would be convenient for Randall to live for his work–—all of which is the silliest and saddest way to dodge an imminent separation or divorce.

This one-sided relationship was not what we signed up for the chill, fun, and just super “best partnership” type of relationship goals that was Randall and Beth from Season 1 and 2. But thankfully, This is Us has two more seasons to go, and so hopefully they can show some of Randall and Beth fixing their relationship because right now, they seem better off apart and far from the “you and I are a team” dynamic they used to have.

P.S. Even their first date in Season 3 was cringy to watch. Can anyone else relate? Tell me what you think in the poll!

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