Top 15 Things Women Are Actually Doing While Sexting

This post is for my ladies. Have you ever multitasked while receiving a nude from your sexy boy toy? Don’t feel guilty. It’s not like we’re just casually laying in bed, in our lingerie, touching ourselves and thinking of nasty things. No. Who has the time to do that anyway? Especially if it’s your ONLY off day and you’re still working. On your off day. Here’s what I’m doing, lover boy.

1. Washing the dishes.

zoomed in pic of someone washing dishes


Of course, I have clothes on. Who washes dishes naked?

2. Babysitting.

A young, frustrated nanny babysitting.


I’m not doing this by choice. I just needed the extra money.

3. Sitting in the waiting room.

Blue waiting room with four white chairs and one red chair.


Could be at the clinic. Could be at my therapist’s office. Who knows?

4. Number 2.

Hand pulling tissue to wipe.


I do it, too, you know. I don’t smell as bad as you do.

5. Naptime.

A girl napping peacefully.


Seriously. A girl’s gotta get her full 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Naps included.

6. In line at the DMV.

A packed line at a Van Nuys, CA DMV.


I mean, you do want me to have an updated license or ID.

7. Peeing.

A girl grabbing tissue to wipe.


When I said I was, “So wet.”, I meant it. Forreal.

8. Being a good friend.

A girl consoling her best friend.


My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend. We’re having a Lifetime movie marathon right now. Leave a message at the beep.

9. In line at the grocery store.

A girl paying for her groceries with card.


I’m not the only one who decided to rack up for the whole month today, okay?

10. Helping my grandma update her Facebook status.

A girl helping jher grandma on the computer.


She wants my Aunt Shirleen to know that her mac-n-cheese is better than hers. It’s a friendly family competition.

11. Mani/Pedi Time.

A French manicure and pedicure at the spa.


Listen, my dogs were barking, and my hands were starting to look like yours — all ashy and rough and manly-ish.

12. Catching the train.

The Atlanta subway system, MARTA, at Peachtree Center station.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford an Uber ride to work today, so, I’m taking a frugal approach.

13. Watching old reruns of Flavor of Love.


Deelishis was always my fav.

14. Shopping.

Young black girl holding shopping bags looking happy


What? I needed some more sexy undies for your nude pics unless you don’t want them.

15. Playing with my stomach rolls.

A girl measuring her waist size.


I just wanted to see what I would like pregnant.

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