The Funniest Twitter Threads Of Celebrity “Lookalikes”

Scrolling through modern-day Twitter can give you just as many laughs as Comedy Central. One of the most recent Twitter trends includes threads of celebrities alongside non-human “look-alikes.” From fictional cartoon characters to bags of chips, each tweet is hilarious in its creativity. Check out some of the funniest threads below.

Rihanna As Cartoon Characters

Not just any cartoon characters either. Here is Rihanna as some of our favorites growing up.

Who didn’t love Shego?

The accuracy is astounding.

Even the attitude is a solid match.

The cherry on top of a perfect thread.

Jake Gyllenhaal As Shower Heads

You can’t make this one up.

Truly iconic.

Beyonce As Vases

Art in its most pristine form.

Rico Nasty As Loofahs

These couldn’t be more spot on.

Chris Evans As Doritos

Very fitting for Captain America.

Do you think he knows there are this many flavors?

Alright, last ones…

These threads only cover the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see Brie Larson as M&M’s or Ariana Grande as Starbuck beverages, be sure to scroll through your timeline.

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