The Skyrocketing Cost of College Rising Is Concerning

Many students are eligible for loans, grants, and scholarships to defray or delay some college expenses. Despite the financial assistance, it’s no secret that college is still expensive for most Americans. The reality of the situation is the cost of college isn’t decreasing. In fact, the cost keeps rising.

Is The Cost of College Education Truly Rising?

Cost of College Rising


According to The New York Times, The average cost of tuition and fees at an in-state public college is almost $10,000 per year; at a private college it is over $35,000 per year, and at over 100 private colleges the sticker price tops $50,000 per year.

In “Hello! May I Assist You in Taking on a Lifetime of Debt?,” Elena Valenzuela-Stookey, a senior in college, writes about what she took away from her time spent answering calls to her university’s student helpline:

“I spent my days reciting instructions for requesting tax return transcripts from the I.R.S., applying for loans and reading nauseating overdue charges off student accounts. And those were just the easy calls. I also spoke to a mother who cried as I explained that if she couldn’t pay more than $8,000 by the next business day, her child would not be allowed to return to college in the fall.”

What Did The Students That Read The Entire Opinion Piece Think?

Cost of College Rising


Some questions that arose for students that read the entire piece were:

“Has the cost of college gotten out of hand? Should it be more affordable? Or, is a college education one of those life experiences that are always worth the cost, no matter the financial burden?”

“Are universities spending money on other priorities, such as constructing new dining halls and water parks, when they should be trying to reduce the cost of tuition? Or, are these amenities an important part of the student experience and essential for making universities competitive?”

Ms. Valenzuela-Stookey’s writing supports having a reliable guidance tailored to students’ financial needs versus a “disjointed network of administrative offices that seem most concerned with collecting money.”

Read the entire Opinion piece and decide for yourself how much the cost of college education is really rising. Nonetheless, Ms. Valenzuela-Stookey’s Opinion piece left us in a state of concern.

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