The 10 Beach Essentials To Buy On Amazon For The Summer

With summer rolling in hot and heavy, beach visits are always a must. weather you live five min away or have to take. road trip to your closest shore, bringing all the essentials is vital. Below is a list of ten beach necessities that can be found right on Amazon for a day of relaxation in the sun.

1. Evergreen Beach Soft Oversized Bath Sheet Towels

beach towel

Price: $19.99 Buy it here

First and foremost, arguably the most important necessity when heading to the beach is a beach towel. Get your chill on with these fun oversized towel, perfect for drying off after swimming or just laying out and getting the perfect tan.

2. Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler


Price: $18.89 Buy it here

Snacks and drinks are good for a long day at the beach. This cooler will help keep those drinks and homemade sandwiches and fruit nice and cold.

3. Avery Barn 10pc Mixed Design Fun Outfit Theme Neoprene Zipper Sleeve Insulated Can Covers

can coozies

Price: $13.99 Buy it here

After pulling out your nice cold drink from your cooler, these coozies are a fun way to enjoy your drink of choice while keeping your hands from freezing and drink sweat.

4. Spikeball Game Set

spike ball

Price: $55.99 Buy it here

One can’t go wrong with this classic game to bring with friends for a day of fun. This beach game set is easy to pack up and throw in the back of your car if you are looking for something extra to spice up your afternoon.

5. Pack of Chiffon Hair Scrunchies


Price: $8.99 Buy it here

These scrunchies are perfect for pulling up long hair on the beach after hitting the water or playing an intense game of spike ball.

6. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair


Price: $21.99 Buy it here

This foldable chair is ideal for those wanting to lounge on something other than a towel. With cupholders making it all the more appealing.

7.Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp


Price: $19.99 Buy it here

What could be better than this beach umbrella with a latch to go hand in hand with your foldable beach chair? A combination of the two is essentially the perfect duo.

8.OCOOPA Sandfree Beach Blanket

beach blanket

Price: $24.64 Buy it here

If a regular towel doesnt suit you, a beach blanket could be the best way to go. Fitting more than one person this beach blanket is ideal for long term sun lounging.

9. Sunscreen


Price: $8.79 Buy it here

When lounging in the sun it is important to be SPFed up. This sunscreen spay solves all the needs for some last minute lathering up.

10. Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Enhancing Lotion

tanning lotion

Price: $13.99 Buy it here

Even with sunscreen, this tanning oil will give you the perfect final glow after a well day spent.

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