WATCH: Rihanna Gets Drunk With Seth Meyers

Ok so, Rihanna getting drunk with Seth Meyers is the most watch-worthy video of this month. No joke. The 31-year-old singer, and her lazy charisma intermixing with Seth Meyers’ matter of fact energy, and that with a lot of alcohol meaning Tequilla shots chased with, wait for it,  beer is the perfect drunk scenario on-screen ever.

And then following the first Tequila shots, Seth Meyers takes over the role of the bartender, coming up drinks which you’d totally order in any bar, or perhaps we need a Rihanna themed bar in the world now. The rum drink called “Under my Rumbrella,” and the whiskey one called “Diamonds in the Rye,” (the diamonds in the almond milk) and some champagne. And then the tipsy questions came from Seth, “I want to blow my wife away with a romantic night, what do I do?”

And Rihanna’s answer couldn’t be any cheekier (and nonchalantly dirtier, to be more accurate), “you said, “blow” your wife away,” before the duo and the audience all break out into echoing laughter. The thing about Rihanna is this unapologetic sassy self she is everywhere, and especially when she’s drunk. Meyers says “you should be a ballet dancer,” Rihanna reveals that she actually wanted to be a ballet, to which Meyers asks, “at what age?” “When I realized my grades sucked,” she responds, which is something we all need to hear sometimes, especially in college.

When Meyers takes out the “We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place is just a Hostess Twinkie” floating in a champagne flute, Rihanna raises an eyebrow, but downs the drink anyway. But the best part of this is how she doesn’t try hard. Seth asks Rihanna, aka Riri, what sort of nickname she would give him, and she says, “but I don’t even know you like that.”

“But we’ve had Tequilla shots out of chocolate bunnies, come on,” says Meyers, so then Rihanna slams the table, and on a count of one, two, three, she doesn’t come with a nickname but inaudibly says, “Seth.” And then as the words get more mumbling, and the pace becomes intoxicated, Rihanna glams up our favorite late-night host with some blue eye-shadow in a fun to watch a Rihanna branded, Fenty make-up session.

Here’s the whole video for you to play on loop:

Rihanna is the icon of cool, and this video, where she gets as candid but as chilled, just highlights that. This day drinking video has set off a series of GIFs and Twitter posts because it was just that sort of hilarious hot mess that we can universally relate to.

Meanwhile, the pop-singer has also recently said that she’s looking forward to working on her new album after her interview with Interview Magazine.

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