Name Fame: Meet Royal Baby Archie Harrison

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s little boy, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor turns just two months in a few days and he is already famous.

The baby boy from the British Royal Family was born on May 7. Yet, he does not only share the name with the American comic books Archie Jumbo comics, hence with the main character from the American teen drama television show Riverdale, but also hair color, whose also red.

Some of you might not know this TV show was inspired by this comic book series, and so it is the name of this royal newborn –many speculate. Archie Jumbo comics is not contemporary around the globe. However, due to its recent resemblance to the Royal Family, it has gained some popularity in the United Kingdom.

Posterior the aristocratic birth, Deadline reported little Archie Harrison has motivated the five-page plot called Name Fame by Archie Jumbo Comics issue number 302. The printing’s cover was in hands of Jeff Shultz and ‘Tito’ Peña. It is actually pretty colorful. It features the young star from Riverdale, Archie Andrews, as he leans sideways to a hanging manuscript which says “Meet Prince Archie”. The five-page story dwells in the reaction of this royal birth.

As soon as Archie Comics learned Meghan Markle‘s and Prince Harry‘s son was named Archie, they knew immediately they needed to engage in it in a more fun manner.

As Riverdale‘s twitter post was not far behind.

Some guess Meghan and Prince Harry like the TV series.

Archie is a shorter version of the Scottish name Archibald, and Harrison means son of Harry or Henry, as the baby’s father’s name.

Harrison will turn two months old in a few days. Yet he is already receiving the royal attention he deserves, or maybe a little more.

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