15 Awesome Companies That Offer Student Discounts

Student discounts are something that people often forget to ask about, but we are so here for them! We gathered some of the best student discount deals for all of our active college  students. Student discounts are a great way to cut back on expenses because most students are on a budget. Even saving $5 here and there, adds up. I mean $5 is cover money for happy hour, am I right?!

Here are 15 Awesome Companies That Offer Student Discounts:

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the greatest thing invented since Taco Bell’s dollar menu. Amazon Prime is normally $100 per year, but students get the first 6 months free and only pay $50 a year. You can find anything on Amazon from textbooks to your favorite chips. Amazon Prime entitles you to free two day shipping, which is perfect for procrastinators like me.


More commonly known as “Word”. Thankfully, as long as you have a student e-mail address you qualify for free Microsoft Office. Imagine having to pay $100-200 just to have somewhere to write your essays. Yeah…. No thanks.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Creating a FREE UNiDAYS account can give you access to a 15% discount to BB&B. With a 15% discount, you can actually buy quality sheets and towels for your apartment because let’s face it, you’ve outgrown the dorm section at Target now that you’re a senior.

Sam’s Club

When you think of Sam’s Club, you probably think it’s just for soccer moms and hoarders, but it’s not! They offer a sweet college student discount. As a “Collegiate Member” you receive a $15 gift card for every $40 you spend!

Topshop & Topman

You can finally shop freely and not feel guilty! With clothing stores Topshop and Topman offering a 10% student discount, treat yourself to a few nice outfits.

Chick- fil- A

As if Chick- fil- A hasn’t already won our hearts, now it’s definite that they have. Flash your student ID at the counter and receive a free drink. That blue Powerade will taste 10X better knowing that it was free… or because you’re hungover, either way, pick up your free drink at Chick-fil-A.

Urban Outfitters

Always open, always awesome. As long as you have a UNiDAYS account, you can get 10% off your purchase at Urban Outfitters, this seems like a small discount but it can take care of shipping online and eliminate the 7% tax at the store. Sometimes UNiDAYS even randomly offers up to 20% off student discount.


Chipotle may charge extra for guac but not for a drink! You score a free fountain drink if you’re a hungry student. That’s reason enough to eat there, as if I needed any!

State Farm Insurance

All those hours spent in the library has finally paid off, with a 3.0 GPA or higher, you can get 25% off on your insurance at State Farm! That’s a significant savings, regardless of whether you or your parents pay for it.

Greyhound Bus

Whether you live far from school or have a long distance boyfriend/girlfriend, you might resort to taking the Greyhound. The Greyhound bus can be a drag, but at least you can get 20% off for being a student., not a bad deal. They offer Wifi, which makes the journey almost bearable.


Compared to a Soundcloud subscription for $12.99 a month, Spotify is #winning with its 50% student discount, making your Spotify subscription only $4.99 a month. Get your head outta the Clouds, and into Spotify.


Getting your hair cut somewhere unfamiliar can be nerve-racking. Calm your nerves with a 20% student discount at SuperCuts. Trusting someone new to cut your hair is always a bit scary to say the least but you’ll feel like family with this 20% discount. With 40,000 students in town, they get plenty of practice, so you rest assured you won’t be leaving with a mullet.

Planet Hollywood

WARNING! You must be 21 years or older. Planet Hollywood might possibly be the only place you can save money in Vegas, offering a generous 15% discount to students. Waltz’s are soooo 2014 and Vegas is where the real party is.


With Adidas trending, now you can stay fashion-forward while saving 20% on your order. I know your Superstar’s are trashed from the countless happy hours you went to this semester, so splurge on a new pair from Adidas at 20% off for students.


Good ole Lyft, making sure you get home safely from the bar and ensuring money is saved. A 10% student discount is the difference between choosing Lyft vs. Uber. This helps if you’re on a budget.

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