Top 5 Cheap Travel Destinations For 4th of July Weekend

For those of you who are still undecided about 4th of July weekend plans, we just wanted to remind you Independence Day is around the corner and here are some locations you can fly to at decent prices. You get to escape from reality as you enjoy the fireworks at faraway destinations. May these round-trip flights save your festivities even when booking in advance for this holiday seems absurd now.

From Chicago, Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee for $117 

Nashville, Tennessee


If you want to spend the holidays and enjoy the fireworks in a city full of music, you should check this round-trip flight operated by American Airlines, departing on July 2 and returning on July 6. You get to travel from north to south just for $117, spend four days in a city full of country music as you enjoy the fireworks.

From Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas for $240

Austin, Texas


This American Airline round-trip flight will get you from west to southeast for $240. This is another live-musical destination you can spend Independence Day in, departing California on July 2 and returning on July 5.

From Boston, Massachusetts To Washington, D.C. for $261

Washington, D.C.


Those of you who rather spend the holidays in a city than at the beach, this JetBlue round-trip flight might be your getaway. It takes you from north to south for $261, departing on July 3 and returning on July 7.  You will learn a little bit of history as you enjoy the pyrotechnic displays.

From Orlando, Florida to Newark, New Jersey for $287

Newark, New Jersey


If you feel like escaping yourself from the coast to a northern location; to the city of the cherry blossom trees, you can explore this option JetBlue has to offer for $287. The flight itinerary departs on July 3 and returns on July 6, giving you three days to enjoy the festivities at a totally different location from home.

From New York City, New York to Miami, Florida for $306

Miami, Florida


On the other hand, if you want to take a break from the busy life in the city and spend the weekend of the 4th of July at the beach in a more relaxed manner, as you enjoy the fireworks, you can consider this American Airlines round-trip option for $306, departing on July 2 and returning on July 5.

Here are some getaway options you can consider for traveling during Independence Day Weekend. However, if you want to explore even cheaper deals and/or other destinations, you can click on:

College Candy wishes you happy holidays. Do not forget to stay safe and Have fun!

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