Heading Back To Campus? Here Are 5 Useful Tips On How To Decorate Your Dorm

Although we still have plenty of Summer ahead of us, it’s never too early to start planning our return back to college (or if you’re not returning this year, perhaps you’re moving into a new space). Here are some tips and tricks for decorating your new room.

Integrate Plants

Fake Vines

Urban Outfitters

Especially if you go to school where winter hits exceptionally bad, it can be very refreshing to surround yourself with live plants. Of course, live plants can be hard to take care of – considering you’ll probably have a busy college schedule – so you can always take the easier route and decorate your room with fake plants! The effects will be the same. They will brighten up your room and make your dorm feel extra homey. There’s a bunch of great options to purchase at Target, be sure to check them out here! Or if you’re looking to follow the picture above, Urban Outfitters is your haven. You can purchase the faux vines here.

Fun Lighting

String Lights

Urban Outfitters

Lighting is a very important aspect of any room. It can help set the mood for different times in your life – whether you’re studying for finals or relaxing before bed – lighting is imperative to putting you in a certain mindset. String lights are a perfect way to add mood lighting into your room. They’re easy to decorate with and easy to use… which is great! You can pretty much find string lights or firefly lights at any store from Target to Urban Outfitters. It’s also a good idea to buy a few lamps, that way you can brighten your room without using fluorescent lighting that’s typical in dorms.

Polaroid Wall

Photo Wall

Urban Outfitters

A polaroid or photo wall is a great way to both decorate and remember your family and friends! Especially since college can be challenging at times, it’s nice to have a space in your room that commemorates beautiful memories and people. If you don’t want to use just polaroids, feel free to experiment with disposable camera photos, postcards, posters, art works, magazine clippings, etc. Make the space your own by filling it with your favorite images and memories!

Stay Organized

Organized Desk


Staying organized is very important in college. Especially in your dorm room, keeping your space clean and tidy will both maximize the space in your room and transfer to your mental state as well. It’s hard to feel productive and motivated in a messy room, so taking the time to clean up after yourself will insure you feel comfortable in your space.

Always Keep Comfort In Mind



When we’re making decoration plans for any space, we tend to let the idea of comfort slip away. When thinking about how you want to design your room, although it’s important to consider aesthetic, also keep in mind comfort. The reality is, you are going to have to live in this space for a whole year – that means you’re going to want to have a comfortable bed and living arrangement that allows you to destress. So be sure to keep the idea of comfort in your mind when choosing to buy certain pieces for your new room.

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