Nicole Richie’s Boyfriend 2023: Who Is Nicole Dating Now?

To the world, she is known as Nicole Richie, The Simple Life and Candidly Nicole reality star, as well as, Lionel Richie’s daughter. But on September 21, 1981, Nicole Camille Escovedo was born in Berkeley, California to musician Peter Michael Escovedo and Karen Moss. Peter, who is the talented percussionist and singer Sheila E.’s brother, was a percussionist in Lionel Richie’s band. When little Nicole was three years old, Karen and Peter decided to give full custody to Lionel and his wife at the time, Brenda Harvey. They stated that they could no longer afford to take care of Nicole. They felt that she could be better off in their care. Thus, making Nicole officially Nicole Camille Richie.

By the age of nine, she witnessed her parents go through a public, nasty, and bitter divorce. In 1995, Lionel remarried to Diane Alexander and gave young Nicole 2 stepsiblings: Miles (24) and Sofia (20). Nicole graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School in 1999 and enrolled at the University of Arizona the following year, as an Arts and Media major. She would eventually drop out two years later and move back to California and began dating.

Elijah Blue Allman

While filming her reality show, The Simple Life, with her best friend and Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton, she began dating Elijah Blue Allman. Elijah, who is the son of singers Cher and the late Gregg Allman, has since dated Heather Graham, Kate Hudson and even, Nicole’s best friend, Paris Hilton. Elijah made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in 2006, stating that he and Nicole were “old friends” and that “She’s like my little sister and we’ve always been close.” On December 1, 2013, he married Blonde Electra band member, “Queenie.”

DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

Shortly after dating Elijah, Nicole began dating Philly disc jockey, DJ AM or formerly known as Adam Goldstein in 2004. A year later, the couple announced that they were engaged but called off the wedding in December of 2005. Three months later they reconciled in Mexico, where they vacationed and tried to give love another chance. They would eventually call it off in May of 2005. Four years later, in August of 2009, DJ AM was found in his New York apartment, dead from an accidental overdose.

Brody Jenner

After breaking up with DJ AM in the summer of 2006, she dated Olympic winner Caitlyn Jenner and actress Linda Thompson’s son, Brody Jenner. Their relationship lasted for only two months, and after breaking up, Nicole took to her Myspace page, stating, “We were never really together. We hung out, and he’s a nice guy, but my heart was never in it.” At least she kept it real, right? Last year, Brody tied the knot with Kaitlynn Carter.


After breaking up with Brody Jenner, she came up with the idea to pull a publicity stunt. At this time, everyone speculated that Nicole was bulimic or anorexic, but, she was neither. She had grown tired of all the tabloids talking about her weight and being so skinny. She decided she would be seen out and about, on more than one occasion, with Jackass reality TV star, Steve-O.

Joel Madden

After her short-lived publicity stunt/fling with Steve-O, she began dating Good Charlotte frontman, Joel Madden in December 2006. In January 2008, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Harlow and their second child, Sparrow, the following year in September. After being together for three years, the couple confirmed their engagement in February 2010 and married in December 2010. Nicole has stated of calling Joel “Very romantic.”, and Joel always shouts her out on Instagram.