Lauren Jauregui Boyfriend 2021: Who is Lauren Dating Now?

Lauren Jauregui is an American singer and songwriter. She got her start on X-Factor at age 15 in 2012 auditioning as a solo artist. During the judges’ cuts round, Simon Cowell decided to put Lauren in a group with Normani, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, and Camila Cabello. Their group was formerly known as, Fifth Harmony. Fifth Harmony was signed to Simon Cowell’s record label, and the group continued to escalate in popularity. Their second album “7/27” peaked in the Billboard charts. Their hit single, “Work From Home” became the first song from a girl group to reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in eight years. After their second album, Camila Cabello left the group to explore her career as a solo artist, and after Fifth Harmony’s third album release, everyone in the group went their separate ways. In December 2016, she collaborated with Marian Hill on their song “Back to Me,” which was her first release outside of Fifth Harmony. Lauren is currently working on a solo album now.

Yes, Lauren’s career has been a success, but how is her love life? Who is Lauren dating now? Is she single or off the market?

Paul Martinez

Let’s go way back to 2011. Lauren’s first boyfriend was Paul Martinez, the couple dated for a short amount of time from June- August 2011. Lauren and Paul used to be best friends until Lauren fell madly in love with him. However, Paul broke up with her two months later.

Keaton Stromberg

The former member of another X Factor band Emblem3, Keaton Stromberg used to date Lauren from 2012- 2013. Yes, it was a brief relationship, but the two remained friends after their break-up.

3. Luis Santos

Shortly after Keaton and Lauren split, Luis Santos came along. Luis and Lauren dated from 2013-2014. Lauren broke up with Luis following alleged rumors of him cheating. Speculations about Santos cheating on Lauren started with a fan tweeting a racy photo to Jauregui’s mother, Clara Jauregui. Allegedly, the man on the picture is Luis, almost completely naked and with three girls surrounding him. According to Hollywood Take, there has been no confirmation on whether it was Santos. However, fans are not so convinced, and were quick to take Jauregui’s side, saying that she “deserved the world”.

Brad Simpson

From 2014-2015, Lauren was dating The Vamps band member, Brad Simpson. There has been some beef between The Vamps and Fifth Harmony. Brad has refused to answer if he is dating Lauren or not and because of the controversy, the pair called it quits. Normani Kordei rushed to Lauren’s defense, calling The Vamps “immature” and retweeting supportive comments.

Lucy Vives

In 2015, Lauren came out as bisexual. Lucy Vives is a 23-year-old Puerto Rican Model. They dated from 2015- 2017. Lauren and Lucy go way back though, they have been best friends since they took a religion class together in High School. The girls participated in a photo shoot photographed by Nicole Cartolano about the pair coming out.

Nicole said, “You could tell that they’ve been best friends for a very long time. They’ve known each other since high school. And they dated on and off for a few years. So they’re good friends over everything else,” she said, adding that even though the girls are no longer together, they’re happy that the photos have been released.”

To this day, they still are close friends.

Ty Dolla Sign

Ty dated Lauren from 2017- 2019. Their romance began back in 2016 when the couple met on the set of the video for Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home.” The couple quickly made their love social media official and had been going strong ever since their split.

Here is what Lauren had to say after they broke up:

They were last seen together hand-in-hand at the 27th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party on Feb. 24.

Neither publicly confirmed their split.

Who is Lauren with now?

Guess what? Lauren is currently single and ready to mingle.

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