How To Host EPIC Girls Night In: Top 4 Must-Know Tips

It is Saturday night and you and your besties want to do something fun but do not want to put too much effort on makeup and/or outfit selection. You girls basically do not want to go out. But, you still want to enjoy your Saturday night. How about if you decide to stay in? Here is a compilation of tips you can follow to host the chicest Girls Night In.

The Cocktail Station

Initially, you will need a tasty light base, something similar to the Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions. Secondly, you will need a supply of seltzer to mix the drinks, making it easy for guest to prepare their own cocktails. Thirdly, we know you want to look fancy, which is why we recommend you to stick with cucumbers, lime wedges, strawberries, watermelon, and mint so the beverages are both fresh and luscious. Fourthly, yet, this is optional, you can place some dried comestible roses into ice cubes in the freezer a couple of hours earlier and brag about them when serving the drinks. Fifty and lastly, in order to make your beverages more refreshing, you can use a vegetable peeler to strip cucumbers.

The Snack Station

Make it easy for your guests to hold! Once a year will not hurt, right? K, unlike the previous station where everything is fruity and calories-less, here we are going to go unhealthy. When buying the snack food, you need to keep in mind your guests need to hold it with one hand so on the other are their drinks. Pizza slices, chicken nuggets, fries, donuts, chips, choco-cookies sound like possible options.

The Wardrobe Station

Remember CCM: comfy, customized and match. Firstly, you need to feel comfortable with the outfit you are wearing. If you do not, discard it right away! Secondly, you need to add your essence to your clothing so people know it is you. Thirdly, make sure your attire matches. Do not forget to include quick-drying puffy paint, fabric markers, iron-on patches, pins, ribbons, and scissors on your wardrobe stop.

The Spa Station

Now that your besties have already eaten, drunk and dressed up, it is time to relax! On this station, you are going to add some facial mask s and body treatments so your girls can try it.

What is next? Karaoke, talk about guys or go to bed?