Ross Lynch Girlfriends 2021: Who is Ross Dating Now?

Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer, songwriter and musician. His debut role on the Disney Channel show Austin and Ally launched his fame and propelled his acting career. Since then, he has been in movies such as the Teen Beach Movie series and My Friend, Dahmer, in which he portrayed Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Besides movies, his involvement in music started with his lead vocalist role in the pop-rock band R5. The band was made up three of Ross’ siblings and one of his childhood friends and was fairly successful. In 2018, R5 posted a video on their YouTube titled “The Last Show,” after which the band broke up. Ross teamed up with his brother and former R5 member Rocky to create a new band, called the Driver Era, which he is still a part of today. He is also currently in the popular Netflix Original series, called Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Lynch tends to stay fairly private with his love life, rarely posting online about who he is dating. His dating history can be seen below:

Morgan Larson 2012-2014

Morgan Larson is an American actress who starred in Teen Beach Movie alongside Ross Lynch. Although they have a 7 year age gap, the two are rumored to have dated around the 2012 to 2014 time period. This was never officially confirmed by Ross or Morgan, but the speculation began after Ross posted a picture to Instagram in 2013 of Morgan kissing him on the cheek. Not much else has been revealed about their relationship, except that they allegedly broke up in 2014.

Courtney Eaton 2015-2017

After taking a year off from dating, Ross began another relationship with Courtney Eaton. Courtney is a model and actress from Australia, who met Ross on the set of a movie that they filmed together, called Status Update. Although Ross did not confirm the relationship at the time, he confirmed it later by referring to Courtney as his “then girlfriend” in a W Magazine interview. During the relationship, Courtney appeared in several of R5’s music videos and Ross posted numerous pictures of her across his social media platforms. Since then, the two have appeared to be friendly, with Ross responding to one of Courtney’s tweets and the pair being spotted together.

Jaz Sinclair 2018-Present

Another co-star, Jaz Sinclair met Ross on the set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which they are both on. Originally, fans shipped Ross with Kiernan Shipka, who plays his love interest on the show. However, the two have confirmed they are just friends. This might not be the case for Jaz Sinclair and Ross Lynch, though. Rumors started when Jaz posted a birthday message to Ross on her Instagram account in January of 2018. In the post, she refers to Ross as her “favorite” and says she is happy he was born. Around two weeks later, the two were seen getting close at Ross’ birthday celebration. Fans have begun shipping the relationship, which is strengthened by the fact that Ross and Sinclair recently had an on-screen kiss during the filming of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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