What Happened to Dylan Sprouse?

Everyone knows what’s been up with Cole Sprouse- the guy’s totally been killing the game lately. Between starring in the hit Netflix show Riverdale, demonstrating his acting chops in the recent hit ‘Five Feet Apart’, and a highly publicized romance with co-star Lili Reinhart, Cole has been absolutely everywhere.

But one thing remains on everyone’s mind- where has Dylan been?

The kids of the 90s and 00s practically grew up with the Sprouse twins. The eldest of the 90s generation would remember him as Ross’ son Ben from Friends, a role that would go back and forth between him and his brother. But it wasn’t until their eponymous roles in the The Suite Life of Zack and Cody that they really hit it big.

Cole has been riding off that fame and tackling year, but the big misconception going around is that Dylan hasn’t as successful. It’s quite ironic- the fact that Cole would become the more would have been strange to think of 10 years ago, but that’s kind of what happened. Dylan was always considered the ‘bad boy’ twin, so people naturally expected him to be more inclined towards showbiz.

Those who’ve been around for a while would remember that the Sprouse brother found himself in quite a few years back. Serious props to him for the way he handled it, though- he took them all in stride and made a few jokes. No big deal.

Also, here’s the thing. While Dylan hasn’t been in the spotlight for quite some time, we can assure you that he’s been doing pretty well for himself.


For one, he’s dating Hungarian Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. The two reportedly began flirting back in July of 2018, and things have only escalated from there. After all, they regularly post pictures of one another on Instagram. Considering how low-profile Dylan is in comparison to his brother, this should speak for a lot.

Speculation would usually die down right about here, but here’s more- along with an independent film stint in 2017, Dylan opened his own bar and micro-meadery. That’s right. The guy is a businessman now; no wonder he doesn’t feel the need to act as much anymore!


The bar is named ‘All-Wise Meadery’, and it’s looking pretty cool. Their official Instagram page describes it as an “All-American, Brooklyn-based meadery”, and it looks to be doing a darn fine job for itself. Go Dylan!

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