Two Families Brawl At Disneyland California’s Toontown: Details & Video

Disneyland is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” However, on Saturday, July 6, a video captured a brawl between family members at the park as horrified parkgoers ushered children past the fight and bystanders tried to separate the families, according to The L.A. Times.

Police responded to the park after a verbal confrontation between family members visiting Mickey’s Toontown escalated to a physical fight, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

Wyatt said the family involved was “uncooperative” with authorities. The police did not make any arrests as there was no available video at the time. However, a video has since been uploaded to social media of the brawl.

“Now that we have the video, detectives will be following up to see if any criminal charges can be filed,” Wyatt said.

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The video, posted on YouTube on Sunday, July 7, starts with an argument between a man and a woman pushing a stroller with two young girls in front of Goofy’s Playhouse. The man, who is wearing a red shirt, takes a swing at the woman after she spits in his face.

Another man steps in, and the two start throwing punches at each other, as the video shows. Children can be heard crying in the background as the adults continued. Over nearly five minutes, several members of the family become involved in the fight.

Some passersby gathered to watch the fight while others hurried past the brawl with their children.

A woman, who was part of the group, riding a motorized scooter intervened to try to stop the fight but was knocked to the ground. Two people helped her up as the battle between other members of the family continued.

Warning: Video content and language are graphic.

The man in the red shirt yells, “I’m ready to go to jail tonight.”

Less than a minute later, the man is seen punching one of the women he thought hit his mother, and the woman is knocked to the ground. The man drags her by her hair across the pavement, as seen in the video, and several bystanders intervene to pull him off.

Disneyland security shows up shortly after and breaks up the fight. The individuals involved in the melee were immediately removed from the park, said Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Liz Jaeger.

“Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” Jaeger said.

The video has since been viewed over 500,000 times.

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