7 Must-Know Tips for Managing Stress

Even in summer, stress can still be omnipresent whether it be from work or online classes. Stress can be a result of anything that occurs that we don’t foresee or often feel like we can handle. The results of feelings of pressure and stress can manifest in different ways, even including things like physical pains such as headaches or stomach pains. The key though in avoiding these problems that can occur is learning how to managed instances that you don’t always foresee or find overwhelming. If you overbook yourself, have a tendency to worry, or just like the feeling of winding down at the end of the night, below are seven tips for stress management that will result in aiding some of the different forms of stress we take on in our daily lives. 

1. Make a To-Do List

to do list


If your problem with stress is a result of feeling like you have so much to do, with little time or feeling like there is so much going on you don’t even remember, making a list of tasks is bound to not only get organized but make your brain feel more organized too. Having a list of the order in which tasks need to be accomplished will rid one of the feelings that it all has to be done at the same time which ultimately leads to a lack of accomplishment. 

2. Reorganize



Sometimes the reason we get stressed is due to our surroundings. If we feel like we have taken on a lot, often your brain will continue to feel unorganized if your space or place of work is also disorganized. This way of reorganizing your workspace can also apply to other methods of restructuring. Sometimes people find things like cleaning or doing dishes as a way to wind down your brain until moving on to a different task. Another good way to achieve this therapeutic method of dealing with stress could be reorganizing one’s closet, making sure things are off the floor, or just dealing with small annoyances/tasks first before moving on to the bigger tasks. 

3. Drink Chamomile or Peppermint Tea



If you usually wind down at the end of the day with a warm cup of tea, try occasionally switching out your usual cup of tea of choice with chamomile or peppermint bags. Due to the natural elements and herbs in them, the way these teas react with our body is proven to help relax or reduce inflammation that could be caused by stressed.

4. Go For a Run



Similar to reorganizing, sometimes the best way to relieve stress is getting your mind off the actual causation for a while and doing something where that energy can be released. Going on a run or another form of exercise helps you release endorphins and therefore tricks your brain into an essential reset that will lead to better focus. Running is a full-body exercise. Taking a quick thirty minutes to incorporate a workout in your daily routine will lead to productivity in other areas due to its ability to clear your mind and refocus.

5. Skip the Third Cup of Coffee

cup of coffee


While coffee is a good wake me up, too much of any caffeine isn’t good for the body or on your mental. Having essentially the opposite effects of a herbal tea, the purpose of coffee of other forms of caffeine is to get the body and brain moving quicker. While caffeine can be addictive too much, however, can lead to more anxious and jitteriness than usual, which instead of relieving stress will ultimately add to it with feelings of restlessness and mental overload. 

6. Light a Candle



More and more people are incorporating essential oils and/or specifically scented candles in their everyday life and environment. The thing about stress is sometimes it can be felt subconsciously, by surrounding our work or living area with elemental properties found in oils or products like scented candles can further subconsciously help relax the brain and body into focus based on what is being taken in by our other senses. 

7. Go Outside



Lastly, as humans, we are fundamentally social creatures who also need essential vitamins on the daily in order for full brain and body functionality. Basically operating as large plants, it is important to make sure to get outside every now and then. Vitamin D provided by the sun helps reenergize and were not created to be confined in areas with no sunlight or interaction. 

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