Top 10 Best Podcasts for College Girls in 2019

The concept of podcasts, where people essentially talk about a variety of topics depending on the theme of the show, for people to listen to without visual. Creating a good, informative, and entertaining podcast can sometimes be challenging due to the lack of necessity for the visual component that using keeps audience members intrigued. Podcasters have to put in double the work in making sure that the information attempted to be translated to the audience is done in a manner that keeps the reader interested in the subject and who is speaking on it. Podcasts are great for on the go, long car rides, or getting ready in the morning. Below is a compiled list of 10 podcasts that are not only entertaining but do a sufficient job at remaining so throughout the entity of each episode with conversations ranging from topics of Disneyland to college or celebrity life.

1. Safe For Work

safe for work


This podcast is all about the workplace. From a series of jokes revolving around office humor. The high profiles hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano talk about all things from burnout to other in-office struggles since 2019.

2. Dream Finders



Calling all Disney fans this is the podcast for you. Host Nathan Hartman brings in special guests all involved with the Disney Incorporation and talks all things from rides to newest foods at the park.

3. Pratt Cast

pratt cast

iHeart Media

If you keep up with all things the Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise, you are bound to know one of the hosts of Pratt Cast, Wells Adams. The co-host and Hills star Stephanie Pratt come together in this podcast series to discuss all things drama, gossip, and guest that bring the “tea”.

4. Dare I Say

dare i say

Harper’s Bazzar

The Harper’s Bazaar podcast Dare I Say is a series featuring two celebrity guests every week. With the usual host of actress Olivia Wilde, the two weekly featured guests engaging in humor that mainly speaks on a variety of topics ranging from body positivity, societal norms, and activism.

5. Here To Slay

hear to slay


Feminist themed based podcast hosted weekly by female empowerment writers Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom. With the theme in mind, topics include all things women featuring special guests.

6. Single, Swipe, Repeat

single swipe repeat


In this humourous podcast put on by a partnership between the magazine, Cosmopolitian and dating app Tinder, Single, Swipe, Repeat touches on all aspects of dating and relationships. The podcast is on once a week every Tuesday for those looking for tips and funny anecdotes.

7. Stupid Genius with Emma Chamberlin

Stupid Genius

iHeart Radio

The podcast Stupid Genius was created by up and coming to YouTuber Emma Chamberlin who is known for her humor and bluntness featured in her videos. This translates into her podcast with the theme of trying to find answers to random questions one wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

8. Girls Gotta Eat

girls gotta eat

Foodies will fall in love with podcast Girls Gotta Eat where hosts Rayna Greenburg and Ashley Hesseltine delve into the world of foods and taste testing. Food reviews on restaurants different types of foods and the best restaurants to dine, you will never be short on what to have for your next meal.

9. This Might Get Weird

This Might Get Weird


This Might Get Weird features hosts Grace and Mamrie talking about their life experiences with stories of funny anecdotes and joke-telling. This podcast will keep you entertained while wanting to remain updated on the lives of the two who are going on tour in August.

10. Schnitt Talk

schnitt talk

Barstool Sports

Put on through popular college-based website Barstool Sports, the podcast Schnitt Talk is hosted by two former female college students who talk about their experiences in the dating world, college itself, and life outside school.

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