Alissa Violet Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Alissa Dating Now?

Influencer, YouTuber and model Alissa Violet has recently created a buzz on social media with her recent breakup from fiance Ricky Banks. The 23-year-old Ohio-native girl got her start as a celeb on Vine and Instagram as early as 2013. The model’s ties to the Logan brothers and various other YouTube/Vine stars has skyrocketed her career as a predominant figure on social media, not to mention, her love life as well. Let’s take a look at her dating history.

FaZe Banks (Ricky Banks) 2017-2019

It is an understatement to say this couple was shipped not only by fans but also by friends. Banks and Violet got together after a messy finale to her relationship with Jake Paul. The YouTube star ran away from the toxic relationship right into the arms of the starstruck gamer who worshipped her every day of their relationship. The couple moved in and got engaged shortly after starting to date which made fans go crazy. No doubt one of everyone’s favorite YouTube ships, the couple announced their breakup via Twitter on July 5th.

Jake Paul (2015-2017)

You weren’t “in the know” if you didn’t follow the YouTube drama concerning Jake Paul and Alissa Violet. The pair reportedly began seeing each other on and off starting in 2015. The two met at a meet and greet in her home state and stayed in contact for a while before Paul flew the Ohio girl out to LA to sign with his team and move into his house. Violet was featured in many of the Logan brother’s vines, YouTube videos, and Team 10 antics. On social media, it seemed as though they were the best of friends, even though Violet claims they were anything but, off-camera. Closer to 2017, a series of YouTube videos were made by both parties talking about their split following Paul kicking Violet out of the Team 10 house for good. The model confessed to feeling used and mistreated as Paul would continuously spend the night with different women in his and Violet’s shared room.

Alissa Violet’s dating history is full of adventure and romance. Who else can say they met a star during a fan meet, fell in love, moved into his house, got cast out and then swept off your feet by a prince charming clad in FaZe gear and a massive following? Whatever the future holds for the influencer, I’m sure it will be just as magical.

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