Here Is How To Shake Mid-Summer Blues

Adults have been right this whole time — as we get older, each summer (and year altogether) seems to fly by quicker and quicker. It’s easy to get down in the dumps when you look at the calendar and it’s suddenly mid-July. But — instead of dreading the fact that summer is half-over, look at it with some rose-colored lenses. When summer is halfway through, it means we still have half of the summer left which is still a ton of time to make it incredible. Here are a few things you can do to make the second half of your summer worth it:

Friends at the Gym


If you made some goals for yourself when summer began, but that thing called ~life~ got in the way, don’t give up. You think it’s too late to get the beach body you’ve been wanting? Guess what — it’s not! You’ll be amazed at the difference one small week can make. And two weeks? Forget about it!

Giving up on your summer goals does nothing but hurt yourself. Now I know you might say: “Going to the gym is just going to take up more time that I don’t have!” If you look at it that way — it will — so change your mindset! In fact, exercising actually gives you more energy, so even though it’s taking up a small slice of your day, it’ll actually give you more energy to make each day more worthwhile!

Don’t use the excuse of summer being half over to not start goals that you took the time to made for yourself. Again, summer is half over only means that you still half of it to go — so make it count.

alarm clock


If you’re worried about the fact that you only have half of the summer left to squeeze in as much fun as possible, make more time in your day. Tomorrow, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual. The next day, set it 30 minutes earlier. Work your way up to a time where you feel good waking up because every minute really does count!

With that being said, stop wasting time on social media. It’s easy to scroll through your explore page and then suddenly get lost and OMG how did an hour just pass?! When you’re on social media, it’s beyond easy to lose track of time — time that can be spent doing much more exciting things. Make a pact with yourself that you’ll only check social media twice a day, or, even go into your iPhone settings and set a screen time limit for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get accomplished when you’re not scrolling.

last minute spring break ideas


Summer is all about going on trips and making exciting memories. A lot of times, we don’t go on trips because we don’t have the time and are on a tight budget. But a trip doesn’t have to belong or expensive! Get together with a group of your friends and do a local weekend trip. Splitting the cost of gas and a hotel can easily be under $100!

If you’re wanting to do something similar with your S.O., like I said — make it happen! Even planning a jam-packed day trip into a city near you can be the one thing you’ll remember from summer. Making those excuses like “I don’t have the time or money” will only hold you back — get creative and make the most out of every opportunity.

spa day


If you’re straight-up feeling down in the dumps, maybe it’s time to spruce things up a little bit and treat yourself. Sometimes, all you need is a little change the turn around your attitude. A fresh mani/pedi, some highlights, a spray tan, a set of eyelash extensions, some new clothes, whatever it may be — treat yourself! It’s crazy how when you look good, you automatically feel good.

I know that when I have any of the above mentioned, I automatically feel unstoppable. Literally, I wake up in the morning, see my new set of acrylics or that shirt I just bought in my closet and I automatically want to get sh*t done! Feeling good about yourself is an instant motivator, which is exceptionally useful when you’re having some mid-summer blues.

Honestly, the most important thing to get you out of your mid-summer blues is simply having a positive mindset. I know — a lot easier said than done — but it starts with small things. Try at least one thing above and see how much it changes your mentality of the day. I’m telling you — you’ll really truly be surprised! Mid-summer doesn’t mean summer is over, so don’t let your mind trick you into thinking so!

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