THE 10 Signs That He Wants To Break Up

Many of us can agree that getting blindsided by a breakup is one of the worst feelings. Wondering where you stand with your man when he’s giving you bad vibes is only second to that. Sometimes relationships aren’t as transparent as they should be and more often than not, someone will be left wondering if the other is thinking of ending it. Check out these signs that’ll definitely show your relationship is no longer his priority.

1. He’ll stop calling or texting as much

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When a relationship first begins, guys are super excited to interact with you. If he’s not into you anymore, back and forth texting and late-night phone calls will be a thing of the past.

2. He won’t notice when you ghost him

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Some of us girls enjoy dishing out just deserts when we feel our man is getting distant, but odds are if he’s already thinking of moving on then he won’t notice or be bothered by your sudden disappearance (especially if he’s the “breakup-over-text type”)

3. Conversations will become bland

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If your man is thinking of breaking things off, conversations are sure to become dull as his interest in you fades. Once a relationship gets to that point, he will be more preoccupied with other things or other people, so keeping the spark alive won’t be a thing anymore.

4. Other things will become more interesting than you

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If you’ve ever had to compete for his attention with the TV, with his phone, or with company, he’s probably not into you anymore. A man who is head-over-heels will find nothing more compelling than you, period.

5. Sex loses its spark

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We’ve all had our bouts of bad sex, but if it’s happening often during a relationship, it might be signaling the end. Spark and sexual chemistry is something that couples will always have to work at especially so the longer you’re together. However, if the desire to keep those things alive is fading then so is his interest in you!

6. He will start making plans that don’t include you

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Sometimes a girl needs to realize when it’s time to give her man some alone time or skip the boys night out, but if you find yourself out of the loop or without an invite to your boyfriend’s plans with other people, he probably doesn’t want you there. Now that’s a bad sign!

7. His friends won’t be as friendly anymore

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Our friends are the first responders to the scene of a breakup. If your boyfriend’s behavior has you consulting the advice of your girl friends, then there’s no doubt that your man will have already told his friends about his disinterest in the relationship. Friends can be super protective and loyal, so if you find yourself getting the cold shoulder from them, it’s time to have a talk with your boyfriend!

8. There will be more reasons to argue

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It is rare that a couple will break up without having first gone through a bad spell of arguments. The more you start to lose sight of why you love each other and focus on the negative, the more fights are bound to happen. If this is the case, at least one of you is not happy. If it’s not you, then it’s him!

9. Physical contact will dwindle

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I’m sure you can recall a time in the beginnings of your relationship where you just couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. It is normal for those moments to gradually become fewer and fewer the longer you’re together. However, there is a difference between needing to find time for romance and a downright aversion to it. If he doesn’t seem to respond to you initiating a little touching or finds ways to avoid being intimate, it might be time to have the talk.

10. They’ll start to entertain advances from others

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Not all men will start to move on from a relationship without first breaking up, but some do and yours might be included! At the end of the day, there is no excuse for your significant other to make you feel like you’re not enough. If he’s making you jealous with the way he flirts with others, is inappropriate via text messages or can’t respect the fact that you may not be okay with him being out late with girls who don’t respect your relationship then it might signal the end of your relationship altogether.

If you found yourself relating to more than one of these signs, GIRL, it’s time to get some perspective! Just because your man is the one who is acting weird doesn’t mean you have to begrudgingly wait for the breakup talk. Feel empowered in that your time, love and energy are valuable and no one needs to squander it lest they explain what’s really going on.

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