Baby Kulture’s 1st Birthday: Upcoming Party & Must-See Details

Cardi B and Offset’s daughter, Kulture just turned one on Wednesday. The couple is going all out for her birthday and having her celebration carry on throughout the weekend.

Offset said, “You just gotta see, it’s gonna be everywhere. It’s gonna be a big, big, big, big, big party, though. It’s our first child together, so it’s a big celebration.”

Last month, Cardi also bought Kulture an early birthday present which was a $100,000 diamond-covered necklace. They got celebrity jeweler Eliantte to create a pendant and chain inspired by her favorite TV show, ‘Word Party’, and the custom piece is made from diamonds, white gold, and colored enamel.

Let’s face it; this kid has more bling than any average one-year-old. What other one year old gets a diamond necklace for their first birthday?

Love from Mommy and Daddy

Kulture gets spoiled all the time and the love she gets from her parents is endless. Offset posted on Instagram for Kulture’s with a shirt that reads, “50% Kiari, 50% Cardi, 100% Kulture.”

Then he put up a heartwarming picture of him holding Kulture and wrote:

Cardi posted a rap she wrote to Culture while she was pregnant. The lyrics express Cardi’s love for her baby girl, even before she was born. She posted the song with a sweet video of moments from Kulture’s first year.

For her daughter’s birthday, Cardi also posted a cute photo of Kulture celebrating by smashing a cupcake into her mother’s face, surrounded by colorful cupcakes and a bouquet of balloons. Cardi is the best mommy ever.

E! reported that, Cardi is dropping $400,000 for the birthday party. How insane is that?

Speaking to ET at the 2019 ESPY Awards Wednesday night, Offset said, “I’m flying out there to New York right after I leave here. We got a big party this weekend, on Saturday.”

The festivities start tomorrow. Stay tuned for what Cardi and Offset are doing for Kulture’s birthday. Let the fun begin, OKURRR!! Happy Birthday Kulture!

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