The 7 Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Cringe

Whether you are locked up or still playing the dating field, deciding where to go and what to do can sometimes be a game of indecisiveness. The concept of different types of dates can range from simple ideas to more thought out plans, but the worst kind is those that seem inauthentic and for show. Whether you are looking for a relaxed night in or something that breaks the usual routine, here are 7 date ideas that stray away from the cheesy side, to try out the next time you are scrambling for something to do with your significant other or first meet up.

1. Go on a Hike



Going on a hike is a great idea for anyone who wants to go outdoors and see some nice views. You can also get some exercise at the same time and someone to enjoy it with. It is a perfect way to have an excuse to grab smoothies or something refreshing after reaching the bottom for a cool down.

2. See a Drive-In Movie

drive in


Drive -In’s are a classic. The old school date idea can take a regular night into something a little more special. Deck out your car with blankets and snacks to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

3. Make A Home Cooked Meal



A good way to bond and to save money for a night in that is more relaxed is to plan a meal together. Cooking can be fun to spice up the evening by working together to mutually enjoy with one another.

4. Attend a Music Festival



While this idea can be on the more pricey side, it certainly is date-worthy and an adventure. With music being something that really has the ability to bring people together, it will certainly leave you feeling closer to your s.o.

5. Plan a Beach Picnic



Similar to that of going to a drive-in, this idea takes some preparation. However, it is worth it to be able to share some nice views and a mix up from just staying at home or dining out.

6. Go to an Arcade



Going to an arcade is efficient in its ability to bring out your inner kid. Enjoy the little adrenaline that comes along with playing arcade games with some good company to cheer you on.

7. Have a Classic Movie Night

movie night


Although unique date nights can be fun to mix up with, you can’t go wrong with a classic movie night. Taking time out of just a regular day to stop and watching a movie is an enjoyable and relaxing way to fill your free time.

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