Lauren Bushnell Boyfriends Since The Bachelor: Who Is She Dating Right Now?

The former flight attendant and Bachelor contestant, Lauren Bushnell, originally gained notoriety after coming off of 2016’s season 20 of The Bachelor engaged to Ben Higgins, a software engineer from Warsaw, Indiana. Their relationship began uneasily as the reality TV show revealed Higgins confessing that he was also in love with his runner-up, Joelle Fletcher. However, the couple’s appearance on Instagram emphasized their mutual happiness with saccharine photographs of romantic getaways and shared meals with one another’s families. ABC Family even developed a spin-off show that aired on Freeform in October 2016, entitled Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? The show was to follow Higgins and Bushnell’s seemingly idyllic romance as they prepared to walk down the aisle. Yet, hindsight reveals that this pointed inclusion of a question mark at the end of the TV show’s title was indicative of a lack of assurance that marriage was at the end of the couple’s televised journey. Whether this lack of assurance came from the couple or the producers remains unclear. As foreshadowed, Higgins and Bushnell announced their official split in May 2017. Viewers of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? were left to surmise that it was Ben’s lack of willingness to get married that led the couple to part ways, as episode five of the series revealed Higgins’s doubts about rushing into a televised wedding.

Closely following the heels of her relationship with Higgins, Bushnell began dating Devin Antin in July 2017. Antin, a real-estate agent based in Los Angeles, remained relatively private on social media throughout the duration of their relationship. With many fans questioning her new relationship, Bushnell hosted a live Instagram story during which she answered questions from curious users. It was during this live Instagram story that Bushnell revealed that she and Antin met on Tinder in 2015, prior to the time she spent filming for The Bachelor. Considering the overlapping timelines, Bushnell clarified that she and Antin were mostly friends until she moved back to Los Angeles from the home she shared with ex Higgins in Denver, Colorado. After one year together, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

Three months after her split with Antin, Bushnell announced her relationship with country music singer Chris Lane in November 2018. Bushnell and Lane ostensibly met on the set of Lane’s music video for his October 2018 single, “I Don’t Know About You,” in which Bushnell was featured. However, Lane has commented that he and Bushnell first met when Bushnell attended a concert of his, previous to her stint as his music video star. Lane does not attach a specific date to this meeting but insists that he and Bushnell developed a friendship from this point forward that they built upon during the ensuing months. Lane is also a self-proclaimed fan of The Bachelor franchise of which Bushnell is a part. Lane performed during season 21’s bachelor Nick Viall and contestant Danielle Lombard’s one-on-one date in 2017! Bushnell is not even the first Bachelor alum that Lane has dated, the first being Bushnell’s fellow contestant on season 20 of The Bachelor, Lauren Barr. Bushnell and Lane’s relationship gained notoriety after they attended the 66th Anual BMI Country Awards Festival together in Nashville, Tennessee on November 13, 2018. According to their respective Instagram accounts, the couple is still happily together.


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