7 of Your Favorite Male Celebrities Posing with Their Pups

What could bring a bigger smile to your face other than adorable dogs and puppies? Your celebrity crushes with adorable dogs and puppies. If you are in need of a pick me up or something to bring a smile to your face, keep reading for the cutest pups with their loving, good looking owners.

1. Orlando Bloom and Mighty


Adopted teacup poodle Mighty in 2017. Currently engaged to singer Katy Perry, the two share a love for the same type of pup due to her almost identical teacup poodle Nugget.

2. Joe Jonas feat. Porky Basquiat and Waldo Picasso


Newley wedded Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner recently took in two baby huskie puppies with the name’s Porky and Waldo. 

3. Bradley Cooper and Movie Famous Pup Charlie

Bradley Cooper

Warner Bros

With Bradley Cooper being in the news as of recent due to the premiere of the movie a star is born and the breakup of his long-time girlfriend, his dog Charlie is a huge part of his life. The pup himself is now famous for his feature in the movie.

4. Liam Hemsworth His Pups


The internet broke with the reconciliation of Mikey Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. What no everyone knows is that they have a large assortment of animals. Ranging from dogs to horses. 

5. Chris Evans and Dodger

Who we know and love as the actor who plays Captain America, Chris Evans Twitter account is full of his doggo, Dodger. 

6. Usher and Doggo Scarlett

Adorable Goldendoodle pup Scarlett belongs to music artist, Usher, who he big on for a Gala in New York.

7. Tom Holland and Guest Tessa


Newest Spider-Man, Tom Holland is known for accidentally revealing Marvel spoilers has been with pup Tessa since 2014. The two are quite the duo and is the stare featured on Holland’s Instagram often.

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