Productivity Hacks College Students Need to Know

The average day in the life of a college student consists of about three classes to attend, an essay to write, a math assignment or two, extracurricular activities, and maybe a few hours of sleep if we’re lucky before we do it all over again. Slammed schedules and long to-do tasks are the unfortunate norm that dictates the lives of university students across the globe.

That’s why productivity hacks are not only helpful, they’re absolutely essential. Sometimes it feels like there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done – fear not. Use these tips and you’ll be working so efficiently that you may even have time to catch an episode of your favorite TV show before bed.

Invest in a Planner

The first step to getting everything done is knowing what actually needs to be done. As much as we like to think we can keep track of everything on a mental list, that’s realistically not the case. Unless you have some abnormal superpowers, this is likely to lead to something being forgotten. 

Once you write everything down, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the lengthy list – don’t. Rather than harping on whether you’ll ever have enough time to get everything done, jump into the work. Simply use your planner as a visual aid to keep yourself on track. 

Start a Morning Exercise Routine 

This is a two-birds-one-stone hack. Whether you’re trying to achieve new fitness goals or simply need more morning energy, waking up an hour earlier to go for a run could be just the fix. It may seem conflicting to save time on schoolwork by spending time working out, but there are so many benefits of starting your day with exercise that it’s definitely worth a shot. 

Designate a Work Space

Doing homework on your bed may seem like the most comfortable option, but this may be hurting your productivity. The large majority of people say they are more productive working in an office than from home according to a new survey by, and these results are equally applicable to school. 

Separate homework from downtime by taking yourself to a library, study room or local coffee shop. Plus, being surrounded by hard-working students is enough to get you in the zone. 

Practice Good Time Management Skills 

Procrastination kills, and it’s also admittedly inevitable for many. Overcoming this is something that takes practice and patience. Time management is a kind of science that’s extremely individualized. Figure out what works best for you and unplug from all distractions in order to zone in on your focus. 

Always remember that the hardest part of any task is simply getting started. Start strong with a positive attitude and try to keep your stress levels to a minimum, you’ll be walking across the stage to collect your much-earned diploma before you know it! 

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