14 Tumblr Posts that Perfectly Describe Anxiety

Having anxiety isn’t just temporarily feeling a bit nervous. And you probably agree. If you have it, then you know there’s no way to ‘fix’ anxiety easily. If you suffer from it, it stays with you in some shape or form long-term. Humor can help relate people on this topic and cope with anxiety, by no means does it issue a joking manner. Here are 14 Tumblr posts that explain what anxiety is exactly like and that we can all empathize on:

1. Always Time To Worry


When your brain is constantly worrying about every little thing every second.

2. Bad News Is Coming


When you’re dreading over your fear of what’s bad to come.

3. Negative Voice Within Your Head


When you’re constantly under pressure with negative thoughts within your head.

4. Always On Edge


When you have to be nervous or tense all the time waiting for the ‘moment’ to hit.

5. Over Anxiety Build-Up


When you’re so stressed out, you are eventually burned out.

6. Living Under Constant Negative Assumptions


When you have to wary about everyone and everything to avoid danger.

7. Overthink Every Little Thing


When you’re minding others so much that simple tasks become difficult for you.

8. Anxiety Is Like That Moment When..


When you have that sheer luck of fear repeating constantly in a cycle.

9. Anxiety Engulfs You


When anxiety takes control and immerses you.

10. Overwhelmed By Everything And Nothing


When anxiety hits you at a calm moment and stirs up from what was nothing to everything.

11. Too Much Thinking


When your train of thoughts are a complete mess so you panic.

12. Never Perfectly Relaxed 


Anxiety constantly creeping up on you and never giving you a rest.

13. Entire Existence Questioned


When you start questioning yourself deeply that it takes it on another form of level on anxiety.

14. Second Guessing Every Decision


When everything you did or thought was a mistake so you second guess yourself constantly.

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