Amazon Prime Day 2019: Best Deals, Sales, & Discounts

July 15th kicks off the annual “Amazon Prime Day” — the day the entire Internet goes wild for insane deals that’ll be at your doorstep in two short days. This year’s Prime Day starts Monday, July 15th at 2:59 A.M. and for the first time ever, it’ll last for a full 48 hours. So, if you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, first off — what are you doing — second off, sign up ASAP because you won’t want to miss this year’s hottest deals.

Watch Your Deals

Amazon is giving the option to “watch” items so you’ll get alerted when they go on sale on Prime Day (this is giving me major flashbacks to eBay).

Get Deals Beforehand

Amazon is giving out $10 Amazon gift cards for Prime members who do any of the following:

  • Spend $10 at Whole Foods
  • Download and use the Amazon app for the first time
  • Make a purchase on the Amazon app for the first time
  • Reload $100 on your pre-existing Amazon gift card for the first time
  • Install Amazon Assistant on your computer to receive desktop notifications
  • Amazon is also giving killer deals leading up to Prime Day which include:

  • Up to 30% off on Off to College
  • Up to 30% off on Household Essentials
  • Up to 20% off on Stone and Beam Furniture
  • Up to 15% off on Amazon’s “Our Brands” fashion
  • Coupons

    Amazon had curated their own coupon list exclusive for Prime members. Browse the entire coupon list here — just like you do in the Sunday paper minus having to do all of the tedious cutting!


    Leading up until Prime Day, Amazon is doing daily giveaways on a ton of insane items. All you have to do is search “Giveaway” on Amazon, and find products to want to enter to win on. Click the item, watch the 15-second video on the page, and boom — you’re entered in that giveaway! Enter for as many items as you want and you never know, it might be your lucky day!

    Discover New Launches

    This Prime Day, Amazon is going to be launching a ton of new items that are only available to Prime customers for a limited time. These newly-introduced limited-time products are also taking part in the Prime Day deals, so snatch them up while you can! Here are some Prime Day Launches that really caught our eye:

    This phone mount for your car is the first-ever phone mount to have Alexa built into it. Ask Alexa to play your favorite song, call Mom, check tomorrow’s weather, all while not having to move your hands from the wheel.


    Apple cider vinegar is an old, trusted weight loss trick, but its — strong — taste can deter you from wanting to use it. These gummies have all the benefits that apple cider vinegar brings, minus the flavor.

    These wireless earbuds provide stellar sound quality, come in five different color options, have a handy charging case, and are waterproof. Sounds like everything you could need in good earbuds!

    This might just be the best Prime Launch ever. This machine dispenses dog or cat treats, it has a wide-view camera to check in on your pet, two-way audio so you can listen in on your pet and even speak to them, pet detection to tell you when your pet might be getting a little rowdy at home, and even night vision mode.

    These acne dot patches will change your life. Instead of only being able to treat acne at night when you’re able to load your face up with spot treatments, these patches allow you to treat your acne throughout your bday since they’re nearly invisble.

    Elevate your home or apartment with these motion-sense LED light strips. Put them in your closet, under each stair, under your kitchen cabinets, wherever you need a little light but don’t necessarily need a light switch.

    Sneak Peek

    Amazon is letting their Prime members in on a little sneak peek of their Prime Day deals. To find them, download the Amazon app and search “Sneek Peak”. Once on the page, you’ll see tons of deals that’ll be launching on Prime Day that you can “watch”.

    Closing Advice

    Amazon Prime Day is essentially the Black Friday of July. Or I guess technically the Cyber Monday? However you want to look at it, know that this day (or in this year’s case, two days) will be filled with amazing deals and steals that will not be there for long. Jump on them while you can because remember — you can always return, but once these deals are gone, they’re gone for good! Now go out there and shop ’til you drop! Or, until your fingers get tired.