Top 10 Potential Candidates for Bachelor 2020

As this season of The Bachelorette is coming to an end, fans are eager to know who will be cast as the next Bachelor. From Hannah’s season there are many possible contenders. She really lucked out with the guys this season and no matter what, there are many great suitors that ABC could cast as the Bachelor.

Here are the top 10 possibilities…

1. Mike Johnson

Mike’s smile attracted literally every girl watching from the start. Ever since he walked out of the limo, fans say that he’s easy on the eyes. The 31-year-old Air Force Veteran and Portfolio Manager has a very high potential of becoming the next Bachelor. Fans have been posting on Instagram and Twitter by using the hashtag, #MikeforBachelor. One of his biggest fans includes Demi Lovato who has been tweeting her love for Mike.

Mike tweeted this after his elimination and Demi replied back. If Mike isn’t the next Bachelor, that would probably make Demi Lovato really happy. It is very clear that Mike is the top candidate for Bachelor 2020.

2. Tyler Cameron

Tyler has a lot of things going for him: He was an athlete, and nearly played professional football. He’s funny, has a great personality, and gorgeous. Well that’s obvious. Fans LOVE Tyler C. He used to be a model which is a bonus for the ladies. On his one-on-one date when Hannah was feeling down he took care of her, and told her he wanted the real Hannah. His compassion and patience makes it clear that he’d do a great job as The Bachelor.

3. Peter Weber

Fans started to fall in love with “Peter the Pilot” on their first one-on-one date. He’s charming, laid-back, easy-going, and even speaks Spanish fluently.  Hannah went crazy for Peter and they shared great chemistry. Fans went crazy when Peter asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, which she thoroughly appreciated, and also they made out on a pool table. None of the guys asked Hannah to be their girlfriend and fans thought it was an adorable gesture. There’s no doubt that Peter would spoil his ladies if ABC gave him the opportunity.

4. John Paul Jones

It’s safe to say that John Paul Jones was this year’s fan favorite. He was known as the quirkiest contestant from this season. John Paul Jones went from being so annoying that fans couldn’t even bear to hear his voice to being the one fans desperately want to lead a whole Bachelor season.

Fans have been posting why he should be the next Bachelor, but luckily he will be joining former Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s on Bachelor in Paradise this season and fans could not be more excited.

5. Jed Wyatt

Many people have been predicting that Jedd will be getting the final rose this season. However, if he is not the winner he is a strong candidate to be casted as Bachelor. He’s won fans over with his talent, humor, and that time he expertly handled walking in on Hannah and Luke making out. There’s no question that Jed would make an interesting Bachelor.

6. Connor Saeli

The love for Connor, the investment analyst from Dallas, started when he comforted Hannah while she was under bed rest. When she woke up after her nap, he left sticky notes all around her room with how he feels about her which everyone thought was adorable. He would do everything in his power to make his women feel special if ABC wants him to take the gig.

7. Garrett Powell

The golf-pro, Garrett had some drama with Luke P this season, but that didn’t stop fans from liking him. The soft-spoken contestant won Bachelor Nation over early on in the season with his sweet Southern charm and easygoing personality. He has done many romantic gestures and has made Hannah feel special, but this season has turned into the “Luke P Show.” There has been a lot of beef with Garrett and Luke, but it all had to do with protecting Hannah. Garrett could be a potential candidate, but not very likely to be chosen as the man handing out the roses.

8. Luke Stone

Luke Stone was also apart of the “Luke P Show.” He just couldn’t deal with the Luke P drama and being accused of coming on the show to promote his tequila business. So, Luke went ahead and eliminated himself from the competition right before the Rose Ceremony. Luke S would probably do a better job finding love without being in the same house as Luke P, so maybe he could be a candidate.

9. Kevin Fortenberry

He looks amazing, he’s athletic, and he’s a successful businessman. At first, he seemed to blend into the background until he got injured on a rugby group date and that was when fans and Hannah started to like him. He was in the talks for handing out the roses, but lucky for everyone, we will get to see Kevin this summer in Paradise.

10. Tyler Gwozdz

The Tim Tebow wannabe, Tyler was a contender fans were immediately attracted to. His good looks caught this cycles star Hannah Brown‘s attention right away, and she gifted him with the honor of having the season’s first 1-on-1 date. Tyler decided to eliminate himself from the show because he felt that he was not the one for Hannah. Maybe he could have a chance of being the Bachelor, who knows?

Hopefully, ABC announces the lucky guy who will be handing out the roses very soon. Stay tuned.

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