Here Is Why You Should NOT Eat These Typical Foods

Yes, we understand “being on a diet” can be boring. But if you think it through, we can end up being our own saviors. We worry about your physical well-being, this is why this article is. These are four foods you should avoid, not because you will look skinnier in a couple of weeks if you stick to this diet, but because the absurd consumption of them might be fatal. Yet, we do not want that.

Red meat and processed meat

This is probably really bad news for meat lovers. Studies have demonstrated this ailment is more likely to develop more types of cancer than any other snack, bringing fatality to humans in some occasions. Red meat like beef, veal, pork, lamb, goat and processed food –the latter meaning these types of meals have gone through many steps so it can be as tasty, fermented, long-lasting, e.t.c., as it is now. Think carefully before eating that delicious-looking hamburger or processed meat product; the more preservatives your meal has, the higher the risks of developing cancer.


It promotes the evolution of cancer.  Studies have shown every time we consume sugary aliments, we might be feeding cancer cells. Therefore, the sugary the snack is the higher levels of sugar in the blood and the risk of developing cancer. It is recommended considerably to eradicate all refined sugar from diets.


One of the main ingredients of alcohol is sugar. So, on that sense, it has a higer risk of being a carcinogen. According to U.S. News, “alcohol is an established risk factor for mouth, pharynx, esophageal, liver, colorectal, breast and pancreatic cancer,”. Yet, further research is needed to demonstrate exactly how liquor boosts cancerous cells. But, they are associated somehow. This and many more are the reasons experts recommend not to drink alcohol.

Processed and packaged foods

Packaged foods and even healthy-looking meals can have chemical compounds that are carcinogenic. We need to be careful with what we are bringing into our mouths because even salmon can be dangerous when it has been subjected to many processes and damaging components to the human body.

Illustrating the former, when we put our canned/packaged snacks into the microwave, the plastic wrap releases prejudicial substances. Yet, we are who consume all this at the end. Also, processed foods have already preservatives with the main goal of making it look better, which might not taste bad, but in the end, these are synthetic particles that we are taking inside.