The Bachelorette 2019, Episode 10: Spoilers & Must-See Recap

Last week the boys brought Hannah home to meet their families. Hannah traveled to Florida, California, Georgia, and Tennessee. Each of the men were questioned as to their feelings for Hannah. Many family members doubted her sincerity and the process the show uses in finding one’s spouse. Not all families felt their sons are ready for marriage. Tyler Cameron’s family felt that he was not ready to get engaged, but he has expressed that he is madly in love with Hannah. However, when all the hometowns were over and Hannah was faced with the four gentlemen and only three roses. As with past rose ceremonies, she was 100% certain which guys were going home, yet due to uncertainty, she was not prepared to say goodbye to any of them. So the guys and Hannah packed their bags for Greece where the fantasy suites await.

You know what tonight is… fantasy suites. What happens in the fantasy suite, STAYS in the fantasy suite! Or does it?

First up, Peter

Everyone aboard! The first date in Crete is with Peter. Peter and Hannah take a beautiful boat ride cruising on the Aegean Sea. He was the first one to tell Hannah that he loves her. Peter was the lucky guy who slept with Hannah in the windmill with a stunning view of the city. He added that it was the best night of his life and he never wants to say goodbye to Hannah.


Hannah and Tyler spent the day relaxing at the spa. Things got pretty steamy during the massage. Its obvious that Hannah and Tyler have amazing chemistry. Hannah said Tyler was the most respectful man she has ever been with. They spent the night on a boat just talking and making their emotional connection stronger.

Next Contender, Jed

Jed and Hannah started the day by joining a family in Crete and learning about Greek family traditions. The date started off a bit rocky because Jed is concerned about Hannah and Luke. At dinner, Jed told Hannah that he thinks Luke is not here for the right reasons and is trying to protect her from getting hurt. They had a very open and honest conversation which made their relationship much stronger. Jed also told Hannah he loves and cares about her so “freakin” much and Hannah only told him that she is in love with him too.

ABC really spoiled Hannah and Jed by giving them a little villa suite for them to spend the night in. It is obvious to see that they are madly in love.

Last But Not Least, Luke

Hannah surprised Luke with a trip to Santorini which is on everyones bucket list of dream destinations. They explored the beauty of Santorini’s white buildings and looked at the beautiful view. The day was great, but the night quickly turned into the “Luke P” show again and Hannah has continued to question his comments. Luke told Hannah he loves her, but he has decided to tell Hannah what she can and can’t do. Who she has sex with is none of his business and it was wrong of him to ask which made Hannah extremely angry.

Luke decided that whoever she had sex with would influence if the relationship could go further or not. NOW, Hannah finally sees what everyone in the house is seeing in Luke and because of that he got eliminated. She should’ve listened to Jed in the first place because he was right about Luke. America has a message for Luke and that is, boy bye!

The Bachelorette 2019 Viewing Details:

Date: Monday, July 15, 2019
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
Episode: 10
TV Channel: ABC Network
Location: Crete, Greece

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