These 8 User-Friendly Gym Machines Will Get You A Summer Bod

We know it is summer already. But it is never too late to hit some gym workouts and get that fabulous body you have always wanted to have. Not only will you look hotter but also healthier. It does not even matter if this is your first time working out, here are some 8 user-friendly and effective gym machines you can start off in the meantime you make new friends or ask your personal trainer to show you the rest of the equipment so you will see results faster.

Smith machine

Let’s start off with this exercise which is very user-friendly and it is awesome for us. Even if you have never used it, this vertical bar, which you can add weights if you want to, puts you in the right position so your workout is effective and you do not break any part of your body. Here, you can do shoulder presses, dead-lifts and last but never least; squats!

Water rower

This exercise is great for three reasons. It is very easy to use, it helps you with your postural conditions, and you train your whole body! This machine is a 3-in-1-body workout”.  Firstly, you need to sit on it. Secondly, put your feet on the footrests. Thirdly, grab the handle and keep moving back and forth until you are told to stop or if you start to feel dizzy.

Glute machine

Does anyone get as excited when training your glutes with this very machine as I do? Well, I am a fan of this exercise because it is not that hard to do as you build that wanted-sexy zone quite effectively. In addition, you decide how much weight you lift.

Hack squat

This is an amazing resistance training as you train your lower body just fabulously! However, if this is your first time at it, you need to do it very carefully and with the lightest weights possible so your knees do not get hurt. Ladies, place your back against the back pad, feet on the slanted platform and shoulders under shoulder pads. This exercise consists of bending the knees and raising them over and over again.


This cardio machine is very functional. Your fitness goals are going to tell you how you are going to use it. You can play around with the speed and incline of it during the recommended 30-minute workout. High speed on it means you want to build muscles in the legs, hips and glutes, whereas the latter helps you strengthening your body.

Stationary bike

This is my favorite machine at the gym! I love it because when I just have one hour to work out, which means I have to skip leg day, this cardio apparatus always bails me out! I play around with it adjusting its speed and resistance throughout the one-hour workout. For beginners, it is recommendable to take it easy and start with light resistance levels.

Pull-up assist

Pull-up can be difficult for some men, of course, it is going to be about impossible for us, women, to do it! However, this workout is amazing because as it names says it, it assists you on your pull-up progress. Day by day, you can adjust the weight you lift and decrease the bulk the machine is helping you with.

Free motion dual cable cross

This multi-functional machine is incredible. You can do a lot of exercises here and work all of your body, as you adjust the weights you lift. If this is your first time with it, you can start with light bulks or with none whatsoever. Again, the level of intensity depends on your short-or-long-terms-fitness goals