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Top 10 Useful Tips To Cope With Anxiety

U.S. News Health released an article written by experts explaining anxiety, which is the most common mental condition in the United States. according to the study they embarked upon. It is stated, this illness affects approximately 40 million people. So, do not be surprised if your loved one has been suffering from it secretly. Here is a list of 10 tips to easy anxiety.

Acknowledge the anxiety

This is one of the things you need to do as soon as you are feeling anxious. You need to think about what is making you feel this way. Once you have performed this step, you can relax by saying to yourself most of the things you are worrying about are not going to happen. Yet, if they do, you have already spent quality time considering it that you will be prepared and ready to deal with it.

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One of the ways to ease that anxiety is to educate yourself about your concern. Knowing the expectations ahead of the actions can be effective in terms of calming your fears. Most of our despairs are based on our lack of information we have toward them. This is the reason we need to get educated about our phobias and face their respective situations.

Make a plan

First, put yourself in the hypothetical situation of being face to face with what you have always feared. Second, plan how you would exit that stage victoriously. There, you would control your anxiety.

Write it down

Making lists and crossing off activities as you get them done can ease you a bit. First, write down everything that is making you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Second, mark your priorities down on this check-list. Third, cross off the tasks you have completed. There you would do everything you needed to do without forgetting a thing!

Keep your distractions handy

It is recommended you keep your mind occupied so your fears do not overwhelm it. You can read or watch not dramatic but vivid books or movies respectively. Puzzles are always fun and keep you distracted.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes

Most of the times, caffeine can boost your cells in the nervous system, worsening the situation instead of improving it. Relatedly, alcohol can debilitate your body, as you for sure will feel dehydrated. So, that is a NO!

Chew on ice cubes

Ice cubes are great because they will keep you focused and help you release tension, as you are just drinking water!

Eat well

it is true the prescribed pill is more effective regarding short-term results than eating and sleeping well. However, the latter approach is healthier in the long-term effect. Further research is needed to identify the connection between food and mental behavior. Yet, there is indeed a causal relation. It is suggested you add cinnamon, ginger and cumin to your diet.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This will involve you talking to an expert about your fears. Talking about and addressing what is making you feel unease can be effective because that will help you deal with your phobias in a very healthy manner before the event actually happens. Consider visiting a hypnotist.

Ask your doctor about meds

When all these previous tips have failed, visit your doctor and ask him for anti-anxiety meds. The pills s/he will prescribe you are going to use them under extreme circumstances because they will calm you down right away. However, it is not recommended you take them daily due to the strong chemicals which are keeping you mentally sound, or drink alcohol.

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